Aug 25, 2010

Issues; Emotional Blackmail

Hey Phunk!

My boyfriend is acting kind of weird these days. Actually he's been acting weird ever since we have started arguing. Our arguing has gotten worse over the period of last few weeks and his recent doings don't give me any hope of things getting better between us. He's not fasting these days. His reason for not fasting is that he's too upset nowadays because of all that's happening between us. I'm confused about what to do with him. Hopefully you can give me some suggestion to sort things out with him. I do like him alot but this attitude of his isn't helping at all! 

Your boyfriend is emotionally blackmailing you. Whether he's fasting or not, I can't say. Whatever maybe the actual fact, another truth that is exists here is that you are being emotionally blackmailed. Every couple has arguments. In fact real couples fight! And real couple also sit down and talk, and eventually find a solution to their problem. Real couples don't huff and puff!

You haven't stated the age of your partner, so I'm guessing he must be in his late teens, because only they can pull such an immature move. Even if he's not in his teens, these hits are way below the belt. One thing you need to know and make him remember is the true intention of fasting. We don't fast for the ones we love. We fast for God. It's He who our fasts are accountable to and it's He who will evaluate them. So if your boyfriend is not fasting, you are in no way to blame for it and you should not feel guilty for his actions. Don't loose your cool and explain this little fact of life to him.

The other thing you have mentioned here that your boyfriend needs to know is what his actions are doing to your relationship. Tell him that he's pushing you away and you are starting to get irritated by all his drama. You need to be the mature one right now and get him back on track. Arguments will happen all the time but this is no way to behave. Explain to him gently that he needs to grow up and not be a child. Relationship is grown up business. Kids strictly not allowed!

Hopefully I helped!


Fickle Cattle said...

I like how you give advice. very matter of fact.


Yeah that almost sound like when a guy says that he doesn't want to live anymore because we are going through problems or fighting...ITS MANIPULATION!

Maybe its a good idea for that person keep a close eye on a person like that...people like that are known to be control freaks or even abusers!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Fickle Cattle

Thanks, man!!


Control freaks!! Exactly...but in the said case...this boy's partner seems to be manipulating...but it's one of the traits of control freaks!

Hope these kids sort things out soon!

Mac Callister said...

so you;re a love guru now?hahaha

great! i'll surely come to you for advice,if ever!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Mac Callister're doing pretty good on ur own, boy! You don't need my help...but if u ever do, feel free to hit me up!

Derric said...

hmmm, the game of relationship gets weirder and weirder........
so Love guru eh?

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Dunno...i just try to help out those few I can! :)

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