Aug 6, 2010

Being Pakistani

I'm from Pakistan. I'm a Pakistani and I happen to be gay. Starting on the March 6th, I have posted exactly 54 times and everytime I have discussed something gay. So far, there hasn't been a single post about being a Pakistan, but all that changes now. All that changes with this post, right here!

I thought alot about whether I should post about the current crisis in Pakistan. The situation of Karachi has gone from bad to worse, and few expects things to get even worse in the coming days if the problem isn't resolved immediately. My posting is going to be one of the million out there, but it's something I am supposed to do. It's my duty. Till now the blog has solely revolved around me and a few other selected people whom I consider important. But this post isn't just about me, it's about the whole nation. If I am incorrect on any account, by all means set me right. So here we go!

Just last week, we suffered an immense loss when the Airblue Flight 202 heading from Karachi to Islamabad crashed in Margalla Hills killing everyone on board. While the rescue operation began immediately, due to the inaccessibility of the area where the air-craft crashed the operations were severely hindered. Amidst the already very chaotic atmosphere, a huge controversy generated when several channels ran a new strip announcing that the Flight Recorder had been found. However later several operatives of aviation said that it has yet to be salvaged. The incident had the whole nation mourning. Clearly while we may have gotten used to all the suicide bombings and violent shootings, these incidents prove to be the most hurtful. As if that had not been enough to be scorn about, the process of handing back the deceased to their loved ones was shocking.

Officials from the crash site reported that the rescue team was just dumping the body parts into the body bags and there was no way to tell how many bodies were their in total. The handing back was a completely different story, quoting the words of the unlucky mad who lost his daughter in the horrific incident, "Their work is sloppy and improperly planned. Our President and Prime Minister left the building after stating that they deeply mourn for the loss of lives and the awarding of the compensation money. No government official actually came down to help out at the crash-site or the hospital or the morgue. To say that this was a devastating moment, would be an understatement.

Flash forward to Monday evening, as many children excitedly told their parents about their first day back to school, news channel across the country ran a strip announcing the assassination of Raza Haider in a target killing. Three armed men infiltrated a masjid and opened fire which resulted in Raza Haider being killed along with his body guard.

What followed this horrific incident was not only directly injurious to the nation but also unfair to the common man. It seemed as if a hell hole had opened in Karachi and vomited forth demons who's only purpose was to bring chaos and destruction. Unknown men opened fire on public transport, public places and even private dwellings. What sense lies in setting fire to public and private property. Mourning is necessary but all these villainous acts seemed more like revenge. By Monday night, a total of 30 people were killed around the city which increased in 45 on Tuesday and 80 on Wednesday, and about 150 people injured.

Needless to say the entire city remained shut-down and silent on Tuesday. Nobody dated to open for business and hospitals with morning clinics had zero turn-ups. It was ghost city. People were too scared to step out of their own homes. Who was responsible for the killing of the Raza Haider still remains vague, with fingers being pointed everywhere from opposing political parties to religious extremist groups. I'm all for finding out the culprits, but what about the other 80 people who died?, who's going to be blamed for their death. Law Enforcement? Government? Supernatural Forces?, as far as I believe nobody high up is going to give a damn.

Shops remained closed or only partially open as there were reports of businesses being set on fire in the riot. To everybody's surprise, the government has yet to make any statement about these unfortunate bloody incidents. Our Prime Minister is ignoring these happenings completely. In a press conference that happened for disaster management, the recent events on Karachi were completely over-looked.

With Monsoon season on our head and heavy rainfall that occurred in the past few weeks, there is a flood in Punjab which has grown to an apocalyptic scale. Thousands dead, millions displaced from their homes with no food or shelter to appease them and the loss of a billion dollar worth crop. Everyday the news covers the flood but nothing is said about the relief efforts. People are complaining about having no helps from the government. Thankfully the army arrived immediately on the scene and have been working hard in clearing the areas suspected to be hit by flood in the coming week and providing safety to people in the areas already struck by the flood. Their help limited though is better than burning fuel in a helicopter and just flying over the effect areas.

I'm a Pakistani, while I may not get excited when our Cricket Team wins a match or feel down when a certain Pakistan flick doesn't air due to unknown reasons, but seeing this happen in my country is painful and saddening. Our President is off on his tour of the Europe and literally seems to be unaware of all that is happening in the country. Everyday the news flashes him staying in the finest, eating the finest, wearing the finest and smiling with absolutely no care of the world. My thoughts aren't any different from many other around Pakistan. Why couldn't the tour wait? Knowing that his country and people are in trouble, he can post-pone the tour, can't he? Are International Relations more important than Public Relations?

I'm not a very political person, but I do know when something wrong is happening. Ignoring the problem won't make it go away, making claims won't make the problem go away. Acting on those claims is the only possible way to solve these issues. Watching the news is necessary but nowadays it's so irritating and depressing to watch the news. I never used to pray for the well-being of Pakistan at the end of the Namaz, I never really considered it necessary. But lately I've started doing so, because right now prayers seem to be the only thing I can be hopeful about.


▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬ said...

Phunk, i know the situation there is bad, but this just doesnt seem the right place to discuss it, or even express it.

and then, i didnt find anything in this post that i didnt already know. I think most of ur blog followers r aware of the issues u pointed out.

my sympathies r with the people who r suffering, but as a reader, this was just too mundane. i hate to be critical, especially of things my friends write, but i dont know, its my honest reaction, hope it was positive enough.


Phunk Factor said...

@ ▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬

Believe me...i was very skeptical about posting it and it wasn't even due to the fact that this a gay themed blog!!

Maybe I wanted to let it all out so I whipped my blog!! N yea...ur criticism is welcome....not offended!

Thanks for dropping by!

Christian said...

OMG, i had no idea of any of these incidents... m shockd n angered ... bt nt surprisd, govermnt everywer is like this...

n mayb sum ppl might think its nt a place to write political stuffs, but this Blog is urs.... Its you.. way abv anything... so pen down anything here... be the real you... write wat u want, nt wat ur readers want to read...

Derric said...

Seriously i did not know that the sistuation was that bad. Anyways our prayers are with you guys, and changes will occur, lets hope

▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬ said...

ya i cud figure tht out, an outpour. chalo good u got it out. :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Christian

Quite possibly..but someone somewhere should do something about it!!

And thanks for the encouraging words...mean alot to me!

@ Derric

Thanks, man! :)

@ ▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬

Thanks for understanding ;)

Branden said...

Pak needs us, at our bests. I am sure there is a better future for us pakistanis waiting, (look whose talking, the one who is eager to run away from here). I love pakistan, and I am proud to be Pakistani.


im a little thrown of course by that is this NOT the right place to discuss what troubles you? this is YOUR blog...right? And no not everyone knows about that situation im just saying...and I appreciate you venting and opening up...

Phunk Factor said...

@ Branden

One can run away they all want, but nobody can runaway completely! Even they think about once in a while...and yes, I do hope something better lies in the future for this nation!


Yeah...Christian explained that pretty clear to me! My blog, my posts....nothing else matters!

Thanks for showing up! :)

Eros said...

I totally understand your state of mind. Right now its Karachi.. & I've been in similar situation back home in India.. smtimes u do feel helpless & sad..
& I agree with Christian on his stmt abt Governments!! - jst that at some places it seems like u need divine intervention fr such situations to change..

but I can say one thing - that over the years, things are changing.. even if at snail's pace.. so I do 've hope for a better tomorrow fr all of us..

& Phunku- being your friend, I appreciate that you showed this side of yourself also here, & did not leave this blog only as Gay themed. *thumbs-up*

Phunk Factor said...

@ Eros

Quite possibly they are getting better...but it's about time we actually see some change don't u think?

Thanks for the visit!!

Mike said...

Interesting post! I've only heard bits and pieces of what you mentioned. It is hard to believe a president would turn a blind eye to all of the destruction.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Mike

Yeah...but we've all gotten pretty used to it now!

Eros said...

It sure is about time... but in that case the next step is to take up charge & directly ask the leaders to get things done the right way & start on it right away.
(in a proper non-violent mature manner - not by rioting ofcourse)

but then again, all of us don't take the path of jumping into the cause & become activist.. so the other step can be to keep trying to choose better leaders out of the lot that are there.

Buddhism teaches that if there is a solution to a problem then don't worry & work on it; & if there is none, worry will do no good anyway.

The Serenity prayer is on similar lines:
God, grant us the...
Serenity to accept things we cannot change,
Courage to change the things we can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference
Patience for the things that take time
Appreciation for all that we have, and
Tolerance for those with different struggles
Freedom to live beyond the limitations of our past ways, the
Ability to feel your love for us and our love for each other and the
Strength to get up and try again even when we feel it is hopeless.

I just use this when I find myself troubled by something.

Choose & Move Forward!

I know I said a lot...
& this might seem like a l'il blog post in itself.. lols..

But I felt that you are very much disturbed & agitated with what is going on - so jst want u to ease it up a bit. *Hugs* :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Eros

Dude...we've asked repeatedly! You won't believe the number of exasperated articles and letters to the editor in the newspaper the past week!!

A huge part of the nation is tired of them and their false's only a matter of time before they're over-thrown by someone imo!

Last week wen sum1 threw their shoe at him...ppl actually were happy about it! While I too was happy....i ws also of guilty tht I don't wish well fr the like I said, I don't think he deserves sympathy at all!

Johnny said...

I really don't know what to post besides insults for our dear president....but I doubt at this stage even that's going to work!

However I'm glad you bought this to attention through ur blog! Very commendable!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Johnny

Thanks, man! :)

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