Aug 2, 2010

Bang Bang Bang

The WWW has it's abundance of jerks. Step in and you find all shapes and sizes. Young jerks, old jerks! Fat jerks, thin jerks! Ugly jerks, handsome jerks! Weird jerks and the really weird jerks! Dealing with them is tough business and there is no clear way, give them a hand and they want a whole arm. Not pleasant at all!

Butting heads with them repeatedly is not only frustrating but also very draining. You can either deal with them by knocking sense into these fools or you can simply turn the other cheek and move on. If you choose to deal with them, after sometime your Jerk Radar goes haywire. You become so sick and tired of these weirdos that you tend to avoid them at all cost. That's what I have become; A person who avoids!

 With my jerk radar gone bonkers sometimes I tend to shoot down people wrongly. Such a case happened recently when I was conversing with a recent contact. It was a nice conversation which took a sharp turn in the wrong direction. Maybe it wasn't entirely my fault, maybe it was. I'm not sure about it yet!

Let me give you guys abit of the background story first. My blog address is displayed on my Orkut profile and people from Orkut visit my blog frequently. They have read about Nathan and want to get to know him. I don't mind. By all means Orkut is a social networking site, so get social! I can provide you the link to his profile so you can add him up, but what you do with the information is your game.

I don't give out information about others. Knowledge that is directly linked to a person's identity or some personal information is not a topic of discussion for me. The university he attends, the place where he lives, his cellphone number, his romantic history and alike are strictly confidential. You may know the same person that I do but that does not mean that I will tell you what I know about him. Nor will I want to know what you know about him. If we both know the same thing, I have no problem discussing. But expect no exchange of knowledge. That's a rule I abide to very strictly!

So ever since the last few posts, people's curiousity about Nathan has grown. They want to get to know him. I don't mind that. You want to know him, you can ask him. I don't boil with jealousy and anger when I see him conversing with other people. Yes, he's my boyfriend. But he's also an individual of his own. Sure, he is a tougher cookie to crack compared to me! So expect some real conversations to happen before he warms up. Back to the dude I was talking with which lead to this post. It wasn't really his fault, but before he came along there were two others who had irked me really bad. The poor soul had to bear the brunt of their wrong-doings with my back-lash.

The first of the two fools wanted to know everything about Nathan. And by everything I mean absolutely everything from the little personal details of his background to what he likes between the sheet. He pissed me off completely but it's not my first impulse to fight back. So I politely replied that since he's in a relation with me, he pretty obviously likes me between the sheets. Apparently I wasn't successful in being able to drill my intention with that sarcastic remark. "Woh toh achi baat hai, lekin us ko kiss may mazza aata hai?" (Translation; That's good, but what does he enjoy? ).

That was the last straw that broke the camel's sore back. I told him it's none of his business what we do, I don't ask him what he did to the unfortunate person he slept with last time. Probably annoyed him to madness with his pestering attitude. I closed the window and blocked him off.

A few days later another person inquired whether we ( Nathan and I) would be interested in a threesome with him. WTH?! We have had one personal moment where we managed to find a few hours to ourselves completely. We want more time together, just the two of us. We don't want a threesome. We hardly can manage to get time alone for ourselves. This was the second time I'm talking to you, do you really think I'm that chummy by now to spring this question?

Hell no!

So maybe I'm not entirely to blame when the third person inquired that he wanted to ask me something about Nathan. But even then, I should have bothered enough to at least wait till he asked me what he wanted to know before I exploded and it should be of no surprise that he reacted and a small squabble ensued. I signed off but didn't block him. I felt bad about it later so I left him a few off-liners stating my apology. Being a genuinely nice guy that he was, he responded and we're friends again. Also he finally managed to ask me. He wanted how does Nathan feel about the distance between us.

I realized that he genuinely wanted to wish us well and my earlier reaction to him was completely uncalled for. But can't help it! With all these miss-fits around, it's hard to distinguish the nice from the vice. My jerk meter is still swinging crazier than a broken compass but now I don't react by jumping to conclusions. It took a swift lesson, but I learned. However let the jerks be warned, dare you cross paths with me expect the fastest fingers in the WWW to shoot you down before you can say 'Phunk Me!'


▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬ said...

Hi Phunk,

This reminded me of a similar incident I had with another one of those 'jerks' a couple of days back.

He seemed a decent guy, I added him to my friend list at orkut. Exchanged scraps.He wanted us to chat at yahoo, I agreed.

Once there, the first thing he asked me was are you 'gay' or 'bi'? I have forgotten the actual question, something similar he asked.

Not wanting to sound rude or judgmental, I tried to steer the conversation back on track by replying sthg like, "I dont know, I havent thought about it."

So, the jerk continued, "It means you are a transgender, rite?".

That pissed me off, not that I have anything against a transgender person.

Khair, anyway I excused myself saying I had to go offline.

The next day, the same guy scarps me and wants to know if I had gone offline because he asked me if I was a tansgender. [and just for the record. no, he hadnt scrapped to apologize, as I discovered later]

What a jerk!

Needless to say, I removed him immediately from my list, and of course he foul mouthed me for that, as expected.

Branden said...

totally get what you are trying to say, but some people dont get it. And i dont get the jerk mentality.

And the threesome part.. wth? thats just *****

Phunk Factor said...

@ (▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬)

Like Branden said...some people don't get it! As simple as that....and why the urge to label?

You ran into a real doozer!

@ Branden

Exactly! I actually read the sentence 3 times to make sure I was reading it right! :P

▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬ said...

ya [:)].... but its interesting, like Darwin's theory these creatures learn to evolve, and they learn to disguise, etc. :p

M@rvin said...

Haan bhai, yeh sab theek hai, lekin us ko kiss may mazza aata hai? ;-)

Heavy ROTFL!

Phunk Factor said...

@ ▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬

But once a jerk...nearly always a jerk!

@ M@rvin

It was sorta funny but in a very creepy way!

Johnny said...

I truly feel sorry for you, Phunk! Some people can't help but poke their nose in other people's business!
However with the two of you being the spot-light so often, it's not a surprise people ask these questions!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Johnny

Hahahaha...maybe I should lessen the number of posts I do on Nathan! :p

Derric said...

Wow that was really wierd, thank goodnesss that i did not go poking much on Nathan,that day when we had the chat.
Actually i was thinking of asking how do i get in contact with Nathan or if you could say there is a nut crack in Oman who pesters you and stuff, so ill get to meet him atleast if not you, grab a coffee and get to know more of you through him, but now hmmmmm

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Hahahaha...I'll let him know about you and maybe tht would break the ice between the two of you!

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