Jul 10, 2010

Third Time's a Charm

As I got ready for our third date, I couldn't help but keep on thinking about the phrase that goes something like third time's a charm. Would this rendezvous result in something more or be any different from the previous two?, I didn't know. But you can bet your pretty pink hankies that I was so cranked up for it. I would be taking my ride and that was the major factor that had me so excited. Nathan in my car, at my mercy; something like that!

Last time I was committed it was with Bruce, he used to bring his ride all the time and there was a constant fear of not putting even a scratch on it. I didn't even want to nibble on something in the car fearing that I'd get crumbs on it or spill something and leave a nasty stain. It's not like I don't take care of my car but Bruce was super possessive about his ride and I took it without him saying that his ride is not to be messed with. The ride to the place where I was supposed to pick up Nathan from was lonely. I wanted to crank up the radio and go wild, but this was the first time I was going so far all on my own. So I wanted to concentrate on the road, drive carefully and get there with plenty of time on my hand, and I was successful. Also I was taking the car, I had taken the car I was specifically instructed not to. LOL!

Too avoid getting stuck in the traffic, I had parked on the other side of the road so we had to cross this really busy lane. But I managed that, and to my surprise I was the first one there. This place is five minutes walk away from Nathan's grandparent's place. He should have been here by now. I tried contacting him, but his cell wasn't responding. And then a minute later, Nathan walks in looking all spiffy. God, he so knows how to dress!

We cross the  road again and once we're in the car. Nathan asks me, "So I didn't make a will before I came! Did I make a mistake in not doing it?".

"Depends on if you plan on leaving me anything or not!", I teased as I drummed the life into the car.

Five minutes later, we're riding off to the place I wanted to take Nathan. It's this really cool cafe type place which serves the yummiest sandwiches and a chocolate dessert to die for. Everything that we wanted to do, had already been planned back when he was in Oman, but this was a on-the-spot decision. Nathan once told me how crazy he is about the pasta dish Fettuccine Alfredo so this was kind of a surprise for him. When I told him about the place, Nathan thought it was some Arabic restaurant, "Since when did you start liking Arabic Cuisine?", he asked.

"I don't!", I told him.

"Then why are we going to this Arabic place? Their food is generally heavy and I don't think I'll be able to eat it all!", he told me.

"Relax!", I told him. "It's just got an Arabic name. They serve stuff like sandwiches, burgers, pastas, steaks and stuff. And your eating the Fettuccine Alfredo. Actually that's the reason I'm taking you there. I've had it there before and it's pretty darn good!"

"You remembered?", Nathan asked in surprise.

"More than you can imagine", I replied with a wicked smile.

"Just drive!", Nathan ordered and grabbed my hand. Nathan! Teasing! Nathan is teasing me! Physically! He's seducing me! Oh God, this is going to be such a great day!, I thought. We had some trouble finding a parking spot but we managed fine. We had to walk a little distance but not that much. Nathan asked for a drink from my water bottle. He didn't need to, but he still did.

When he handed the bottle back to me I said, "We practically kissed just now!".

"You want me to kiss you?", he asked.

"What?", I asked in disbelief. "Your actually asking if I want to kiss you?". Nathan nodded in agreement, he was standing just a few inches from me. "Do you want me to push in front of some moving car?", I asked.

"Why are you avoiding my question?", he said coming closer.

"The answer is rather obvious, don't you think?", I asked again.

"If you wanted to be kissed, you wouldn't have brought me here", Nathan whispered.

"We're crossing a road! Care to hold my hand?", I teased.

"I think you can handle road crossing on your own, little one!", he replied with a naughty wink and raced forward. There weren't any cars near-by so I followed up close. As we entered the cafe, the cool air was so welcoming. The waiter approached us and asked if where we'd like to be seated. Upstairs, non-smoking and in one of the booths by the window. He got to out of three on spot. We didn't get a booth by the window. They both were occupied, but the rest was all good.

The waiter presented us with the menus, "You can order whatever you want, except the pasta. I'm ordering that for you!", I announced.

"Dude, I got just one stomach and if you keep stuffing me like this; you can kiss my abs good-bye!", he argued.

"I can kiss your abs?", I confirmed. It was a good thing the waiter wasn't hovering over us, we really wouldn't be able to have any of these crazy conversations we love to have. When the waiter came to take our order, Nathan went for the pasta. I couldn't make him change his orders and it is very rude to keep the waiter waiting. I ordered the Biccacio. Once the waiter left, we engaged ourselves into talk. Nathan's dad still hasn't arrived yet and once he comes there is some private matter that needs to be dealt with. We talked about that for a while and then it moved on to foot-ball. I complimented Shakira's belly-dancing skills as the TV behind us played Waka Waka. "You should try belly dancing?", I told Nathan.

"Only if you'd care to try lap dancing!", Nathan shot back.

"I don't mind. Just make sure my instructor is super-hot, I so can't give un-hot guys lap dances!", I teased him back.

"Forget it! We're both going belly dancing!", Nathan announced. We laughed and talked about a couple of more things, I can't seem to recall. There was one very important conversation that took place, but I'll be blogging about that later.

Once the waiter arrived with our food, we got busy eating. I offered Nathan my fries and I learned something very surprising. Nathan doesn't like to have fries. Honestly, this is just amazing! Now I can have my fries and his, until the kid comes along. Yes! we've talked about certain long-term goals as well. We try not to think too far, but still sometimes the talks do extend to the far future and the possibility of a happily ever after. My sandwich was so yummy and I wanted Nathan to have some as well. I offered Nathan my other half. But his hands and stomach was full of the creamy Fettuccine Alfredo. Once we got done with that, I ordered the second reason I had bought Nathan here; the Chocolate Lava!

It's quite possibly the best dessert you could find in my city. It's a slice of chocolate cake which has a center of hot melted chocolate, it is served with a helping of a single scoop of white vanilla ice-cream. It's kind of the a-la-mode creations you get everywhere. You don't get this heavenly creation anywhere else, so this place was one of the things I wanted Nathan to experience on his trip. Nathan enjoyed it alot, he loves trying on new types of food. I've got another place in mind, but I don't know if I'll be able to take him there. I'm seriously hoping I do!

Once we got done with the food and the bill, we left for the near-by shopping mall. Nathan was supposed to meet a friend of his there, I told him I'd drop him off on the way home. "Drop me?", Nathan asked in surprise. "I thought being my boyfriend I was allowed to exploit you!", he said.

"You can!", I replied. All the while during the ride, I kept addressing him as 'Sir', pretending to be his driver. Sadly I didn't know that Nathan took it to heart. He actually rectified it the next day by this huge message telling me that I'm his boyfriend and not his driver! I didn't know he would take it seriously. No more driver jokes for Nathan!

"Cool! So you coming in or not?", he asked.

Five minutes later we were in the shopping mall going through the clothes and criticizing everything. When we were on the 4th floor which had the least amount of crowd, we held hands for a while. But I was too shy to look at him at that point. And I so hate that I didn't look at him!

We browsed abit more. There wasn't much time as Nathan's friend was about to show up otherwise we would have shopped serious. I so want to go shopping with him, for him. And for that, I'll have to learn something very important; Nathan's fashion sense!

This post is getting way too long now, and everything big has been blogged about. So I'll be closing the curtains here. I left as Nathan's friend showed up. I didn't mind leaving. When I'm with Nathan, I want his undivided attention. But with his friend around that isn't all that possible, plus Nathan hates it when we have to pretend to be friends. He wants to be a couple as much as he can with me. And the next date, we're going to be alone. All alone!


Mike said...

LOL... I loved the flirtiness like you can kiss my abs goodbye and how you shot back.

▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬ said...

I enjoy the 'extras', the little details u add. Delightful reading.

nd ya, More than anything else, its easy to relate to stuff u write. nd things u tackle nd so on.

Excellent in my opinion :)

Anonymous said...

ohh, you wait till the kids come along..phew,they spoil all the fun!!! --just kidding :-p
and the date definitely seemed a 'charm'(touchwood)!


P.S- *yummm,yumm* for the 'chocolate lava',Phunk!

Derric said...

Yes defintely third time is a charm.
And yes Chocolate treats are found to definitely leave a mark, it sure did for me.
I read Oman, how did Oman come to picture, dont tell me he was here, and you did not even mention it.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Mike

He makes me laugh so much with his zippy one-liners!!

@ (▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬)

Thanks a million for all ur compliments!

@ Aravindan

Thanks to u too, buddy!

@ Derric

I believe I have mentioned it somewhere! He stays there....he comes here during vacations and stuff!!!


oh my god !!!

Johnny said...

It all seems so great for you two...i'm so happy for you, man!

Give Nathan my regards!

Phunk Factor said...

@ L² @ Johnny

Thanks for showing up, peeps! :D

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