Jul 19, 2010

Put Your Arms Around Me

"I've got something to tell you and I don't know how you will feel about it!", Nathan said to me quietly a few day ago as we were strolling the mall.

"Well, I myself don't know how I will feel about it until you tell me whatever it is!", I told him calmly. I was slightly scared as to what this is going to lead to.

"I'm really not much of a hugger or kisser!", he told me in the same shy tone he had been using earlier. "I'm not that much into touching and feeling another person!" I was completely silent for a moment. I didn't know how to respond. "But I want to hug you!", he added "And I want to kiss you!" he went on.

"What?", that was all I could manage to say in that moment of shock. "Are you putting me on or something?"

"No!", he replied immediately. "And yes!", he added. "I really am not a hugger. Never have been! But yes, I do want to hug you. I've been thinking about being lost in your hug alot!"

"Oh wow!", I was so surprised. I never really suspected him to be a hugger. "So you like giving hugs. What about getting hugs?", I ask him.

"Phunk, are you really that stupid?", he poked.

"Everytime I look into those eyes, I get lost!", I flirted.

"This is a public place, you dodo! There are people around!", Nathan growled. LOL! He's such a cutie. I seriously didn't see this coming. Sure, the last time we were all by ourselves I noticed his hugging was strong and he liked to hold on tightly. But I never in a million years saw this one coming!

"By the way, I know how you get carried away with things so don't hug to hard. I got just twelve sets of ribs and I love them all equally!", he teased.

"Fingers crossed", I replied with a wink. So coming Wednesday, I'm booking us a room in Hugsville!

This is the second time, I'm posting a Natasha Bedingfield song on my blog. Personally I expected Kelly Clarkson to take this title because I listen to her the most. Yes, I'm gay but I think there are other musicians out there better than Lady GaGa. There I said it!

Before I wind up this post, I'd like to bring to your attention four blogs that I found pretty darn cool. I've been meaning to post about them since a few days so might as well do the good deed right now. The first in the list is the blog from a 25 year old gay escort from New York, he goes by the name of Hunter. I became a fan of him when I randomly stumbled upon his blog. Personally speaking I never really had a conversation with an escort, but this is one escort I'd definitely like to babble with. He knows what he's talking about and he's got a pretty good way of telling us. Click here to visit his blog!

The second in my list is an Entertainment blog. Glee, True Blood, Katy Perry, movies, celebrity marriages and lots more. He covers them all and not like that fat-pink turkey Perez Hilton. Plus he's got the uber-hot Taylor Lautner, the recent very yummy DILF Cristiano Ronaldo and the DILF hall of fame David Beckham in his banner. So he most definitely has good taste. Click here to visit his page!

If Carrie Bradshaw lived in Australia, was a dude and blogged, this is something how it would turn out to be like. It's funny! It's thought-provoking! It's the ugly truth that you may not like, but you can't stop reading! He's that good. Click here to visit his blog!

Last but not the least is a Pakistani blog! Yeah, you read it right! He's Pakistani! And yes, he's queer too! But he's got a strange (Read; Interesting) tale to tell. He's 18, I think but seems like a super-cool kid. Click here to visit his page!

Do visit these blogs and keep your eyes open for a very special up-date!


Branden said...

phunk .. omg you are so awesome! thank you and i appreciate you posting something about me and my blog. :D

And yes there are musicians better than GaGa out there :D. Give a listen to Imogen Heaps songs, you may like em.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

BTW-- I'm glad you appreciate Natasha as well.

Also, I appreciated the cute story.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Branden

Imogen Heap, eh? I tried Bats for Lashes a few weeks...liked her!

If Imogen is nething like her, I just may grow to love her as well!!

N ur welcome! N yes, I know I'm awesome! :p

@ A Gay Mormon Boy

Thanks, man! :D

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