Jul 13, 2010

Pocketful Of Sunshine

If you kiss someone with feeling...they know it...and you know it...it's like...it's like everything else goes grey and you're the only two left in the whole world!
- Marc St. James

Nathan and I decided not to blog about the events of yesterday. Sorry people! But this one moment, we would like to keep entirely to ourselves. Perhaps some future sessions would make an appearance on the blog, but not our first one.

However we thought it would be rude to leave you clueless so we each decided to blog about the part we liked the best about yesterday, a moment of the entire proceeding we will never forget. Nathan's epic moment was when the way I looked at him when I was on top of him and I had his face in my hands.

My unforgettable moment came when we were kissing and the song 'Pocketful of Sunshine' started playing in the background from the movie we were running to drown out our moaning and groaning. The lyrics were so rightfully placed for the moment.

  Take me away, A secret place
A sweet escape, Take me away
Take me away, To better days
Take me away, A hiding place

You can check out the official video of the song over here. I feel like staying in that moment forever, but if I do. I won't be able to witness the many brilliant moments I'm sure would be coming later. Till the next time, adios!


Johnny said...

Phunky and Nathan sitting on a tree,

Woot! Woot!

M@rvin said...

Oh, so you're the top ha ha? Cheers to many, many good times ahead! :)

H said...

Was it all you hoped for and more?
Good kisser?

Branden said...

OMJ! so u guys finally kissed ... wao.. feels like heaven desnt it :P?

Phunk Factor said...

@ Johnny

Hahahaha...we didn't do it up a tree! Nathan doesn't do PDAs....yet! :p

@ M@rvin

We're both tops and we're both bottoms....now go figure!

Thanks for the wishes!

@ H

It was way better than what I saw coming! N sorry, man...can't spill!!

@ Branden

Glad to have you back! N yes...we finally kissed and yes..it was our own personal air-conditioned small Heaven!

Derric said...

Yes definitely the kiss is the most best part......it really builds the relationship

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Couldn't agree with you any further!!

dpking19 said...

haha i am so jealous hold on to that cause it takes alot to make me green lol so cheers and you so got a new follower hooked Love<~Peter~>

Phunk Factor said...

@ Peter aka dpking19

Don't worry...i don't plan to let go of Nathan EVER!!

And thanks for following me!!

Anonymous said...

It all sounds so beautiful! Wishing you two love-birds the best!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous

Thanks a lot, man!! Wish I knew who you are so I could send you a personal thanks!

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