Jul 11, 2010

Karma Or Something Else

Yesterday Nathan and I were talking as usual and strangely we ran out of topics. "Is it because we talk too much?", he asked.

"I don't think so!", I told him. "Your mind seems to be pre-occupied with the earlier events.", I added. Nathan's past two days have been extremely busy and crowded with family matters. His aunt had come with her family for a stay-over and Nathan's cousins weren't leaving his side. He had apologized repeatedly for not being able to pay any attention to me. But it wasn't an issue, I knew we can't exchange messages all the time. "Since your totally out of topics, I'd like to ask you something that has been on my mind since the past few days!"

Nathan messaged back stating his curiosity. "Suppose that we had never gotten involved on a romantic level. Would you be treating me any differently?", I asked. The thing that brought about this notion of curiosity in me is that Nathan rarely asks me for things he'd like done. He rarely asks me for anything and that bothered me. Very frankly speaking, I thought that is what boyfriends do. If he wanted something done, I thought he would approach me before his cousins or friends. But maybe Nathan held a different opinion and that is what I wanted to know.

"Treat any different?", he asked. "I didn't get that!", Nathan implored.

"I meant that you gave me only four movies to download for you in the past two weeks, you brought most of them when I could have easily downloaded them for you. So had I been your friend, would you have given me even less work to do?"

"You really want me to answer that?", he asked. I shot back a positive response.

"Frankly speaking, I would have ordered you to download the movies. And I would have ordered you to download alot of movies!", he messaged me back. "I don't want you to do my grunt work. Your my boyfriend and I can't treat you like that! And I'm pretty sure if I started, I'd get dumped!" I imagined him with his signature naughty grin as I read the message. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Anything else that would have been different?", I asked him again.

"Well, since we would have been friends I wouldn't have felt like kissing you. And I also would probably meet you less, unless you would have asked me nicely!", he told me. "But most importantly, I don't think we would have lasted friends for long!"

The last line shot completely off my curiosity meter. "We wouldn't have been friends!? How so?", I asked immediately.

"Think about it! When we started interacting on the forums, there was an instant connection. Maybe it was your warm approach. Maybe it was that there was alot of discussion that led to breaking of the ice. Maybe because our views were common and when they weren't, we didn't bash the other for having a different view." he told me. "Or maybe it was because of my good looks!", Nathan added.

"I think it was your good looks!", I poked back and then he got busy with his cousins again. I wanted to talk more, but with them around I can't afford to say anything risky.

Nathan's reply made me think. What started in the forum has lead to this real-time rendezvous and it had a very good possibility of going alot further. Maybe it was karma or something else I didn't know. But things have been going really great for us and I really couldn't ask for anything else.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating the 4 month mark. I don't even know if that's a proper milestone, but I'm a sucker for a good celebration. Also we managed to grab some private time, so the anniversary is going to be epic!

In the previous post I said that I'll be posting about the discussion Nathan and I had that made me think about our future. I still have to post about that, but I can't get the right words for it. I'll try to have it up as soon as possible. Sorry to keep you guys waiting!


Derric said...

Even I do believe in fate/Karma, what ever you call it, but one thing is sure everything happens for a reason.

▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬ said...

hey phunk... enjoyed reading a lot...

1 more thing, sort of a request...
i wud like to know how "it" happened. When n how u guys got committed, in more detail.. perhaps a memoir, sthg like tht.

Johnny said...

Men like Nathan don't come by karma...they're destined!
I'm not saying this to make you happy, Phunky...but from all that I've seen around here..Nathan and you are truly meant for eachother!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric


@ ▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬

Thanks for making an appearance, I'll see to your request ASAP!

@ Johnny

Awww...ur comments means soooo much!!

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