Jul 5, 2010


Today I'll be introducing another very important person in my life, and this time it's not a male. Yes, it's a female! And no, it's not my mother! Ladies and Gentleman, I present GRACIE!! Starting off as an acquaintance, then moving on to a friend, then a best-friend. There were rumors along somewhere that we were going steady, but that was never the case. At some point I did develop feelings for her, but they didn't turn out to be fruitful as I expected. And now we're back to being best friends. It's a twisty topsy turvy ride, that I'm sure isn't going to get smoother anytime soon. But since when did I expect life to get smoother? If there's one thing that I've learned in the past 22 years, it's that life can be more drama than anybody could expect it to be!

I remember sitting opposite to her during my biochemistry practicals during my first year. I make my own notes because I believe that they make the studying and revising process alot easier and quicker. You have jotted down the important tips, especially since our professors tend to drop hints as to what is most important and has a good chance of being asked in the exams. I find making notes super-useful!

So I was sitting in opposite to her, completely unaware of her existence. I rarely notice any girls and mostly that's because I find them annoying. But no, Sir! Not this time. I was observing her as she pursued her notes. Damn, she completely blew me away. I rarely found someone who took better notes than me and when I did, I was completely in awe of them. She had organized it so well along with the exact questions the professors ask and common clinical problems. I asked for a closer look and she extended them with a slight smile. As the class went on, I was completely lost in her notes. I paid no attention to what the professor was teaching. People get lost eyes and I was falling for her notes. Eff, what is wrong with me?

I complimented her note taking habit, Ryan sitting next to me was like 'WTF!' (At this point, Ryan and I were friends, but we had not come out to each other), he proceeded to tease me with the nursery rhymes about sitting on a tree and snogging later. Ryan can be so frigg'in childish at times. And then when I used to be absent for a class, I would to ask for her notes. She didn't mind lending me, she knew she would get them back in one piece which can't be said when she loaned them to some other class mates of mine. I will never be able to forget the look of horror on her face when her entire semester notes were handed back to her in shreds. Thank God, I had some of them and she copied what she didn't have from me. I guess that's the time we really started getting along.

Our talks were still mostly academics at this point even though we used to talk alot. By chance she happened to notice my messages in the American Idol forum on Orkut from my straight profile and she inquired me the next day about it. And that's when the sparks began to fly. We always supported opposite contestants, and I always won. Until the latest season. Yeah, she won Season 9. But we both agreed on one thing, Season 9 sucked on most of the parts. But I'm going too fast, so let's go back about 20 months okay?

By the time, my first year ended we were pretty solid. How we got closer, it involved alot of unasked help from an ex-friend of mine who was utterly convinced that Gracie was the one for him. But more on that later, right now what I want you to know is the importance of Gracie.

I've never pictured any girl as my partner all my life. I'm quite possibly one of the most boy-mad and men-crazy gays you'll ever find. But Gracie was someone who actually attracted me. I could actually picture having my one shot at a relatively uncomplicated life. My parents loved her. Her parents were extremely fond of me, or at least her mom was. But things didn't work out. Despite everything that has happened, I'm glad we're still really good friends. It's like that phase never happened. We're still rock-solid!

I'm taking a huge chance by posting about her since some people are aware that I secretly refer to her as Gracie in real-life as well. But it's a chance I'm willing to take! Gracie is by-far one of the most amazing people I have met in my life and I sincerely hope I'm able to translate her greatness in my posts.

Good night, Gracie!


M@rvin said...

OMG Will, you're one of those people - a habitual note taker! :-D I cut class whenever possible.

Gal pals can be super fun - only they actually expect birthday presents unlike male friends! :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Hahaha...i do cut classes but only when you got one of those professors who keep reading from the slides/transparencies/watevr!

Johnny said...

I was wondering a few days ago if you have any female buddies and lo behold, here you make an entry!

She seems cute!!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Johnny

Indeed! She is a cutie!!

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