Jul 27, 2010

All The Lovers ( And Haters)

I got my first negative comment a few posts ago. I felt like I'm in one of those crime-action flicks where the authorities have accused a person of something he hasn't done and are trying to extract the confessions that doesn't exist by dousing him in cold water.

So yeah, it felt wrong. I was angry. I was really angry and I had no idea what to do next except lash back at him with a comment. But that would be wrong. I have never been a person who punches back harder when he is punched. Also I didn't want my comments section to transform into a battlefield. I knew if I reacted, he would come back with another response and so it will continue. The essence of what I wrote will be completely lost and neglected. So I decided to give him a reply being as concise and as definitive as possible. I also decided not to publish any of his comments further.

I have no idea about his intentions or motives, but I sensed a negativity. While everybody is entitled to their own opinion and have the complete right to state it, please don't overstay the welcome. You know me through this blog and what I publish on it, the rest of my life is concealed for all the appropriate reasons. By all means I'm not perfect and I don't claim to be. I have done things I'm not proud of and if I could take them back I definitely would. Given the chance to do things again, I would do certain things very differently. And this thought is not alien to anyone, we all have doubts.

If you happen to disagree to something that I have written or find it insulting, by all means leave a comment. Tell me what I wrote was wrong or inappropriate, along with the reason of why you think so. Baseless arguments are only made by fools. The whole reason Blogspot installed the comment feature was that so the readers could communicate with the author. Encourage him, criticize him, share their thoughts. I have my opinions, but that does not mean they can't be changed. I'm sure sensibility accounts for our thought process, so if you happen to hold a better opinion. By all means, come forward and express. I would seriously love to know what you have to say!

However if your only concern is to bash me or ridicule me, I can't stop you. But I don't care. Hate exists so that we learn to appreciate love. Just like evil exists so that we value the good. I don't mean to offend anyone, but that's how I believe it to be.

Also I'm thankful to the person who left the comment. I had another blog before, but it didn't have as much traffic as this one. It's been around four to five months since I've started this blog but the response is over-whelming. I really didn't expect it. The person made me realize how this blog could have gone down the same path as the previous one had it not been for you all. Yes, everyone one of you who reads my blog and comments on it. You make me feel like Gossip Girl! Kidd'in, but I am extremely thankful to you all and I really wouldn't have it any other way. I'm still going to be blogging. Infact I'll be blogging for as long as I can as much as I can, I plan to phunk you up.

Phunk Factor


Anonymous said...

Dear Phunk,

Good, that you did not dignify that 'negative comment' by reacting to it!Some 'humanoids' thrive on these things...argh!!!
Hats off to you for that!

and never, NEVER EVER think of not blogging(No, more of those thoughts,Mr.)! - From my part,this is kinda selfish too.... as for me , its real nice,actually beyond nice,something that I can relate to, something that has come alive from one of my 'surreal' thoughts/imaginations- your blog/others![Besides, its real fun to have a peek-a-boo into others' existence ;-p and on a serious note, I love the way you write!]

Keeping *Phunk*ing!!!!


P.S- Err.. sorry , If I was rude of some sorts,in 'admonishing' you!!! :-)

P.S.S - anyways now, are hitting the gym then,child?!

▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬ said...

Nice Phunk, and a good thing u didnt post any of his further comments. he didnt deserve any more attention, such people.

By the way, this post was a great read for me. It helped me in knowing how to deal with such people. Some fresh new ideas.

The only regret, such idiots dont deserve ur attention, nor a full post.

Branden said...

XOXO you back.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Aravindan

Don't worry! I didn't plan to stop blogging...the last part was added so that ppl do not mistake this post as a final post!!

N yea..i'm searching out gyms and will be joining frm nxt month InshAllah!!

N no...u weren't rude at all!

@ ▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬

I thought alot before making this post, but I felt I needed to clear the air abit!

N also show my readers some love!

@ Branden

Hahaha...thanks, kid!

Derric said...

Phunk, i dont know why but the blog made me laugh, call me crazy but thats what i felt no idea why

Johnny said...

Is it true, Phunky? Did someone hit you? What a jerk!!
You did the right thing by ignoring him...but sometimes it pays to fight back!
Props to Nathan for sticking up fr u....yea, i'm nosy..went back a couple of posts to check it out!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

I didn't realize the Gossip Girl remark as so funny! ;)

Anyhow...i made you laugh, so one good deed fr the day! :)

@ Johnny

Lol...ur reply mademe laugh!! Hahaha...n yea, Nathan's my knight in shining armor!!!

Thanks fr dropping by you guys!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for quite some time now but I never really commented!

But you changed all that today with this post of yours...not only is it beautifully written but also I find myself agreeing to everything that you have written!

- W

Phunk Factor said...

@ W

Awww...thanks alot, man!! Hope you drop in more often now!


This is YOUR blog. Its your thoughts and YOUR opinions. Who cares what anybody else thinks or says. Great Work!!!

Love the blog!

Phunk Factor said...


Hahaha...i like the way you think!

M@rvin said...

A hater is just a jealous queen that isn't getting any! :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

That is actually a very good definition! :D

Thanks for dropping by!


rememeber this forever and always...HATERS MAKE YOU FAMOUS! These are words I live by! No matter what the comment or opinion I take them all bad or good and If you got a hater consider them a fan! No one will love everything you have to say..but if they are paying you any attention at all...CONSIDER IT AWESOME!!!

Phunk Factor said...


Hahahaha...you get the prize for the best comment EVER!!! Thanks alot!!

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