Jun 7, 2010

Want U Bad

So the last couple of days have been crazy. My exams got over on Friday and they went kind of okay. I'm not entirely ecstatic about them, because I personally feel that I didn't study as much as I should have. So yeah, that's the thing about exams. Somebody once told me that giving an exam and being in love is nearly the same thing. What makes them from being exactly the same?

Well, when your in love you've got alot on your mind but you don't know how to say it. But when you're giving an exam, you got nothing on your mind but you still have to say something. Crazy, right?

When you talk about exams, you naturally talk about result. Well I'm not too keen on that critter. I was really tense about the results. I mean like completely freak'in out and breaking down kind of tense. I'm still pretty tense, but now I'm kind of like you gave it your best shot now you can just pray and hope for the best. So do that and stop fretting!

So I've stopped fretting. So yeah, I've got absolutely nothing to do. Absolutely nothing! Nathan has his exams coming up. They start the coming Tuesday and they go on for about a week. Be a doll and wish him Best of Luck, you can trace him to his blog by clicking here. So yeah, like I said; Absolutely nothing important needs my attention right now! So what have I been doing the past 3 days?, you may ask. I've been listening to Lady GaGa's Bad Romance non-stop and all of it's remixes I could get my hands on. Seriously speaking, this song has redefined pop culture. It's the new Pokerface. Yes, I'm gaga for GaGa!

Not only that but I've watched it's video about fifty times since Friday and if you ask me to watch it again, I'll watch it. I've watched it so much that I've got the dance moves ingrained in my head. And yes, as you can guess I've also been dancing out Lady GaGa moves. It's liberating beyond belief! Locked up in my room, my iPod plugged to my ears, dancing to Bad Romance.

I've always liked that song, ever since I first heard it. But the ascend it has made the last few days in my mind is unbelievable. I've gone absolutely crazy about it. The funny thing is, that I'm quoting the lines to Nathan in messages. It's just casual flirting with maybe a little sexual frolicking, but mostly harmless. I hope he doesn't get the signals mixed with the line 'I don't wanna be friends', cuz that's totally not what I'm hinting at. Like I said, mostly harmless. But then again I keep quoting so much GaGa to him, I doubt he will get his head in a mess. Favorite line ever; 'You know that I love you boy. Hot like Mexico!'

I guess the reason this song has started striking me so much is because it's denotes longing and companionship. The part where GaGa says 'I want you bad' is stuck in my head so bad. I agree that it's sort of freaky. But hey, who ever said I'm ordinary. I'm anything but ordinary. I'm Phunk, like Nathan says; One of a kind! One in a million!

God, he's such a flatterer!

Below you can download my four track playlist of Bad Romance and maybe you too could rock out to this insanely catchy tune.

Download Bad Romance 


Branden said...

Gaga is a magician, she makes everyone move on her tips haha, I lock my room and dance too but i bet u r a better dancer :P


i prefer stuart price remix version of paparazzi :)

Notorious Tease said...

a) stop goin crazy bout ur reslt. u totally underestim8 urself when it cums to studies!

b)i so never understood d meanin of d 'hot like mexico' line :P

c)make a vdo of ur gaga dance n send it 2 me asap ;)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Branden

Hell no! I got no moves at all!!! I just shake and wiggle randomly!

@ L²

Yes, I have that as well; I love how it has got kind of a rock n roll touch to it!!

@ Notorious Teaser

Maybe I do, maybe I don't...I'm just so freaking scared!!! N Mexico is like super-hot...super super hot so if ur hot like Mexico...it means u got a bang'in body, babe! ;)
N the GaGa dance....come home, I'll do it for you! :D

H said...

Shake and Wiggle sounds SO wrong.
And listen you and Nathan are too cute. I think I just might have to stick a finger down my throat and barf.
And Gaga is purrfect! You should check out Alejandro. It's awesome!

Branden said...

then lets have a shakin wigglin competition :P haha

Phunk Factor said...

@ H

Yeah, we got the bad habit of doing that!! N yes...I already did! It's kinda weird....but weird in a good way!

@ Branden

Bring it on!!

M@rvin said...

You know, any boy that says you are one in a million, is really worth hanging on to. You're both very fortunate.

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

I know....that and alot more keeps us going on and on and on! :)

jits said...

Strike 2, i have another coincidence with phunk... me too have been going GAGA over Bad Romance for last couple of weeks, just dont know what keeps me hooked, i listen to it almost daily now :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ jits

Hahaha....let's stick together and find out what more things we have in common!

Thanks fr cmng ovr!

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