Jun 30, 2010

Nathan and the City

This post is going to be even longer than the previous one, so please bear with me. I'm going to try and make it as short as possible without skipping any details. So if you are interested in knowing how the second date went, I suggest that you read on.
Nathan messaged me around 3:54 pm hoping that I've already left. His aunts had decided to come to meet him in the evening, so he had to return home before 7 pm. But he didn't want to compromise on the date as well. Neither did I! I met him the past Saturday but just knowing that he's here in the same city has me constantly over the edge. We both want to meet everyday, but we both also know that it's not really possible for us. I was half-way ready, so I grabbed my shoes and ran to the car. I wore the shoes in the car onthe way! It felt like a scene from Mr. Bean series. Everytime the car reached a traffic signal and I knew I had a few good minutes I slipped my shoe on. It was pure mayhem!

Just as I got through the shoe dilemma, I realized that in the hurry to leave I forgot to grab the books Nathan had asked me to bring. Thank God I hadn't forgotten the USB containing a few movies and the latest True Blood episode I was taking to surprise him. I can't bring him a net connection but I can get him some entertainment to make his time easier.

I was at the point of meeting at 4:47 pm and I messaged Nathan. He lives quite near to that place, so it takes him only 2 to 3 minutes to get there. And right at 4:50 pm, Nathan strides in wearing a cool blue shirt and dark blue denim jeans that clung loosely to his lanky legs. I swear ever since I've seen him, I got some weird leg fetish. The weird thing is, it only involves Nathan's legs. Yeah, who ever thought fetish could be faithful?!

We hugged and it felt so good. His body radiated a casual warmth, and it was so relaxing. I never knew what people meant when they said melting in arms till we hugged for the first time. The hug is most definitely a high point of the date. I look forward to it alot. That's the most we can be in physical contact with each other in public. I know it's not exactly how I would like it to be, but it's the best we can do in public. Wemoved towards the actual place we had decided to go visit. This time we had decided on Nandoes, I don't know how many of you are aware of it. It's a chain of restaurants that specialize in African-Italian cuisine.

I wanted to go here because it's one of my favorite places to go to, but Nathan had heard the opposite. I asked a couple of my friends to find out if others shared the same opinion. And they did! People here love Nandoes! So Nathan gave Nandoes the green light!

We seated on a table for two and placed the orders. They had removed the pastas recipes from their menu, that was a major bummer for me because I wanted Nathan to try it. We both are big pasta-holics. I ordered the spicy rice with chicken strips in gravy while Nathan had a crazy looking but yummy sandwich. The place was mostly empty. There was a table filled with crazy teenagers who were celebrating a birthday, a group of girls on another table, two girls sitting on another and one table had a group of men in business suits. Now this feels like a real date, I thought to myself!

Nathan asked me about how my test went which I sat for earlier today, but the conversation quickly shifted from it to cars, medicine, engineering, teachers. I shared my view about how the professors teach mostly girls and tend to ignore the boys. Nathan, having been on both sides of the fence, told me that girls tend to interact with the teacher more and boys are mostly there because they have to be. He told me how he felt the same thing as a student, but he makes sure as a teacher to teach the guys as well.

When the food arrived, Nathan told me that he had lunch a while before coming over so he isn't going to be having the whole of his burger. I hadn't ate anything since the morning because I was too anxious and tense about the test. The food was great and Nathan agreed, which was a complete delight for me. I was scared that he won't like it and he would eat even less than he normally does.

As the date progressed I realized how easy this all is. We never seemed to run out of topics to talk about. Before I had met him, I thought that I would be doing most of the talkings because I speak alot more than he does. But it felt so cool and smooth to be engaged in a conversation that had laughs, giggles and thoughts that would make you think. Honestly speaking it seemed like two great friends having an amazing time, if you minus all the sexual volleys we were throwing at eachother. Nathan could not finish the whole of his burger so he cut me a piece. I was already pretty satisfied with what I had ordered, so before he could say anything I placed the dibs on the smaller piece. After the burger vanished, we had a slice of cheesecake. I'm not the biggest fan of cheesecakes, but Nathan is crazy about them. But I can honestly say this that I have never enjoyed a slice of cheesecake as much as I enjoyed it today. We asked for the bill and after paying, Nathan asked me if I wanted to tag along as he needs to check out a book store and a CD store.

When I asked why, he told me that he got out with this excuse and if he returns empty handed, there would be some serious questioning. "You can always take me home, you know!", I suggested in my naughtiest possible tone.

"You don't get things like this in a store!", Nathan replied.

"Why, thank you!" I smiled. "Wait, that was a compliment, right?", I asked after a pause.

"Go figure!", Nathan winked.

We boarded a tuk-tuk to another near-by market, I was totally against it because this place was hell expensive and they over-charge for the same produce you get at another place. I kept eating Nathan's brain that I'll take him to that place on Saturday, not to buy whatever he wanted from here. But he didn't listen. He specifically told me not to say anything when we reached the place, but I'm not as obedient as you guys think.

When he gave the list to the shop-keepers, I gave it a quick look and announced loudly not to bother with a few of the titles. I didn't want him to spend his hard earned money over here, Nathan was smiling in a weird way when I was telling the shop-keeper what not to bring. I didn't care, like I said he's not wasting his money in this tinsel dump!

In the end, Nathan managed to buy only 3 of the 8 titles he had planned to get. He placed the orders for 2 of them, the rest I'm going with him on Saturday to get them. After that we went to a book-store. In the rickshaw, Nathan told me I shouldn't get this hyper. And I teased him that he should let me do his shopping for him. "Are you my boyfriend or my secretary?", he said.

"Depends! Who gets to have sex with you!", I whispered. Nathan laughed, this was turning out to be a really amazing day for me.

I always had a secret fantasy of going book shopping with my boyfriend, but I never imagined it happening. And in that small shop, I saw my dream come true. Nathan was talking to the guy behind the counter for a book his mom had asked him to find out about, I moved on to the shelves thinking about how unreal this is. I recalled the dialogue, or some parts of it that Carrie speaks as she stands in the City Hall and decides that this is the place she is going to marry Big.

It was perfect. Big and and I would be married in the classic New York landmark that housed all the great love stories.

Please disagree with the thought about me being m a huge drama-queen, that has just popped into my head as I'm typing this entry. The shop had two rows with another self in between. There were towers and towers of book with no proper orders. I know it's no City Hall and I also know that my beloved city is no New York, and it will never really will be. But for that moment, I felt this love story took a big leap forward for me. Little did I know, it took a huge step forward for him as well which he revealed to me after the date ended totally on his own.

I was just walking with my mind completely somewhere else and suddenly Nathan showed up in front of me browsing the books. "Fancy running into you here!", I acted in surprise.

Nathan sensed something naughty about me. "One step forward and someone will be running!"

"You towards me?", I teased. Nathan stamped his foot on the ground as if trying to scare a kitten away. This was a perfect spot to get all touchy touchy but Nathan kept pushing me away. It wasn't like I was groping him or anything, but I kept creeping closer just to tease him.

"There are people on the other side of the shelf!", he whispered.

"So?", I asked.

"Let go off my hand!", he said with a crooked smile. Had the door not directly been facing towards us I would have pulled him into a hug, but sadly I also lacked abit of courage then. But there was no disagreement to the fact that we were enjoying immensely. The teasing continued in the tuk-tuk all the way back to the mall. Nathan asked if I wanted him to wait till the driver brought my car, it was abit before 7. I didn't want him to be late so I set him off on his way. We hugged once again and once again, I melted. Sadly it was on the road so we couldn't hug for long.

Fifteen minutes later I was driving home with my mind buzzing about the amazing moments of today's dates, when Nathan messaged me something fabulous that had me worried for a past couple of days. Can't post about that right now, Nathan's calling. But I promise I'll get to that soon!


Anonymous said...


Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous

Sorry to disappoint you, buddy...but this ain't fiction!!

▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬ said...

nice reading.

to not sound repetitive, i am just gonna mention some of the lines that i liked the most.

---"...just knowing that he's here in the same city has me constantly over the edge..."

---"...Yeah, who ever thought fetish could be faithful?!..."

---"...I didn't want him to spend his hard earned money over here, Nathan was smiling in a weird way when I was telling the shop-keeper what not to bring..."

---"...Sadly it was on the road so we couldn't hug for long..."

and there are probably many more that could be added. :)

look forward to the next post.

Branden said...

I like nandoes and i am cheese cake freak :P,
when is the next date ^.^ i am excited haha

Raj.. said...

OMG- Its so romantic. I just hate the public playing satan :(
No action..I wonder how do you guys control yourself :P
And yea its so HOT..shopping for your man...I totally envy you..
P.S-Never let go of the drama-queen in you..thats what makes you YOU.

Phunk Factor said...

@ ▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬

Thanks for ur generous praise, man!!

@ Branden

I'm a serious advocate of Nandoes Cheesecake from now on! :p

@ Raj

Hahahaha...public playing satan...wish I had thought of that line!!

Also I totally agree that shopping for/with boyfriend is a completely out of this world experience!!

Yeah...you keep telling me how much you love the drama queen!!

Johnny said...

Dude, your one lucky bitch...hope you have realized that!!

Derric said...

Hey you are tempting me to leave single status.

Anonymous said...

hi ya!

awesome second date!!!! and woohoooo, you guys are too cute n sweet(touchwood!!)

and don't lose the 'drama-queen' image,really, don't even think abt that!!!


Phunk Factor said...

@ Johnny

I do know! I do know! I so do!! :D

@ Derric

If you got the right man in sight, why be single?

@ Arvindan

Awww...thanks, man!! Thanks a million!! N yeah...Raj above said the same!! Sooo....i guess I shouldn't!

Thanks for dropping by you all!!!

Eros said...

Dude awesome write up.. & it totally seems right out of some fiction story.. sooo Gald for you guys.. *touchwood*

& think u r gonna be the first blogger I'll be following ;)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Eros

Yeah...it's my own personal fairy-tale coming true!!!

M@rvin said...

Hope he's in the country for a few more months at least and for many more good times together, cheers! :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Sadly no...he's here till 3rd August and then he's going back! But I'm going in the winter sometime over to his side...wish me luck!!

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