Jun 28, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

This post was supposed to go up yesterday but I couldn't find time to write it down till now. It took three sitting for me to complete it, but I finally managed. So here's it, guys. Nathan and my first date together, as a real-time couple.


I woke up on the morning of 26th with a strange feeling, my stomach was feeling queasy. I hadn't slept properly the last night. My kept waking up and falling back to sleep but never had a chance to rest properly. I remember having the same feeling when I was 16 and was going to the beach for the first time for two entire days. It was a pleasant but strange feeling at the same time. I wasn't scared of what might happen in a few hours, but the thought that the moment is finally here seemed really surreal to me.

Everything for the next day was laid out the night before. When I said everything, I meant everything! The clothes, the shoes, the deo I was going to use, the shower gel I wanted, the hair gel. I don't think I ever got this ready for anybody, not even Bruce. I guess that's because the first time I met Bruce I wasn't expecting him and I wasn't really interested it. But anyhow, this post is about Nathan and me so let's stick to that.

I started to get ready as soon as mom left for work, I didn't want her to get suspicious at all. My mum can detect the minutest things that I try to slip past her radar, there was no way I could keep this one down if she stumbles upon it. So as soon as I heard the car drive away, I dashed to the washroom. A quick shave and a bath later, I was standing in my room. My mind was thinking to change the shirt I had picked out, but I knew it was a panic attack and I had put together something good. Grey graffiti t-shirt and ice blue jeans, with red n white streakers. I didn't want to get too dressy because Nathan had specifically instructed not to come that way, it would be an easy tip-off about what was really going on. And by 10 am, I was all ready. I picked up my bag which had a small gift for Nathan and some books, I was actually pretending to go to college for some work. God, I felt like I was on some secret mission.

I boarded the good bus which I had to wait a really long time for since I didn't want to get all sweaty. I regretted having banged up my car so bad at that moment, I actually felt tempted to sneak it away. Nobody needed it at home that day anyway, but I chickened out. A forty minute bus ride later I boarded a rickshaw or as you might call it a tuk-tuk to the mall.

On the way I texted Nathan that I'm about to reach and I got a prompt reply full of apologies that he just got up. He had set an alarm for 10 am, but he had forgot to set the clock to Pakistan's time. I had no option but to wait now, so I told him to get ready and be at the mall by 12. I looked at my clock, it was 10:56 am. This one hour is going to be super-hard!

I entered the mall and decided to go to browse a few of my favorite stores. I had to do something to kill time, so I went into one of the book stores and sat down with my books. A while later I felt thirsty so I left the book-store and went to get a bottle from the convenience store located inside the mall. As I left the store I glanced at my watch and it was ten minutes to 12 pm, so I rushed back to my initial watch out spot.

I told Nathan that there will be a little game we will be playing. We basically have to look for the other person, who ever finds the other first gets have one wish fulfilled no matter what it is. Nathan and I compete alot in arguments and mostly I win. I was so sure that he's going to come through the gate and I'm going to text him 'Look up!' and I'd win. I wanted to ask the guard if there were any other entrances to the mall but decided not to. I had a bag over my shoulders and I kept circling a specific spot. They would probably think of me as some crazy terrorist dude and bust me uselessly. Nathan was far more familiar with this mall and by habit as it was closest to his home, he took the side entrance and spotted me in a jiffy. Crap!

He texted me to wait there, he's coming up. I had no option but to oblige, had I run away not only would have that been wrong but a thing that sore-losers do. So I stood there waiting for him to show up. And then, this voice came from behind me 'Hey!', I turned around and there he stood.

He looked amazing. He wasn't dressed like some rich-daddy's baby but he looked stylish. He had a black v-neck on which showed the beginning of the cleavage and a few chest hair. Faded jeans that hugged his hips and out-lined his legs. Black shoes that seemed really comfortable and a pair of shades that hung from the collar. All I could think of was, 'Man, I lucked out!'

We hugged, but it wasn't a long one. There was some crowd around us, we didn't want to attract much attention. "I was so not expecting to win! My mind was set to loose!", Nathan smiled.

"But you didn't, so what is it that you want me to do?", I asked.

"Since you had planned this and you were so sure you were going to win, you tell me what did you plan to do!", he ordered. We were walking around the mall now.

"You really want to waste it on that?", I asked.

"No, that's my request as your boyfriend to tell me. What I want, that comes later!", he replied.

"Not telling!", I say. I couldn't believe it. I was actually feeling shy in front of him. Normally I talk alot and when we're chatting my messages are lines long and his are in two or three lines. Rarely does he send me long messages. It wasn't that I didn't want to tell him, I wanted to. Even though I lost, maybe he still might go along. But I was feeling so bloody shy.

"I won't let it go, until you tell me!", he argued. "It's no use hiding! I'm going to keep bringing it up again and again, till you tell me!" he explained. So I mustered up all the courage I got and told him about my secret plans. I had planned to take him to this really empty building that was behind the mall. I've been there once, my friend's dad's office is on the top-most floor. The lower ones are mostly empty. So I planned to take him there and we could have kissed. I so badly wanted a kiss from him. I had actually waited about 4 months for this moment and I was ready to take some risks for some tongue action.

Nathan was shocked upon the revelation, he said the idea was exciting but risky. He said it wasn't possible, but he promised that he'll manage some alone time on some day where we could engage in couple activities that are meant to be done in private. I felt like sixteen and stupid again, but wasn't complaining.

We walked around talking about his flight, the past day. I told him he turned out to be taller than I expected him to be, he could only smile. Who ever thought Nathan was incapable of blushing should have seen him then.

We were on the ground floor when we noticed a camera crew setting up for some variety program. Nathan hates video cameras, I've been on a some a few times but I have the same opinion. Don't get the impression I'm famous or something, variety shows are really popular in Pakistan and these people barge in just about anywhere to make on. My on-screen moment happened earlier just this year and then one back in 2006. Both were equally bad, if you ask me!

So in order to avoid the camera we ducked into the food court, where Nathan revealed how he'd be using his wish; He was going to foot for the entire bill. I so didn't see that coming. I was thinking something more along the lines of naughty, since I always poke him that he isn't that all. But he argues that I just don't know him that well yet. So here I was dating the guy who was willing to foot for the entire bill no-matter-what. We decided on two pan pizza. But we didn't eat that much, coming back if I had known I would have told him to get one and we would have shared it.

We waited in the near-empty food court. I asked about his family, since I really didn't know anything about it. Maybe it was the wrong conversation to have, but I really couldn't think of anything then. I kept saying 'Wassup?', and Nathan had to come up with something new each time. On my fourth call-out, he threatened to punch me if I said it again. LOL!

The pizza came and Nathan was super-hungry. He didn't count the fact that it would be hot and took this huge bite, after which he was blowing air in his mouth. I told him to be careful with the knife and fork, got a glare in return. With food in the scene, the topic shifted to the same. Nathan's a slow-eater, he narrated a scene to me once when he was having dinner at his friend's place. Everybody was done eating and was waiting for him to finish up. He didn't actually realize it till he saw everyone looking at him, so he leaned in to ask his friend. When his friend told him that they're waiting because of him, he had no option but to gulp down the food as quickly as he could. Surprisingly and fortunately, I'm a slow eater as well. My mum instructed the policy of chewing each bite 32 times, but the food didn't last till 32. Nevertheless she was successful in making a slow-eater out of me.

Nathan noticed I wasn't touching my coke all that often, so he asked me 'Why?'

No option to run, so I told him that I don't drink soft drinks all that often. Yeah, I avoid soft-drinks and energy drinks as much as possible. I'd rather have plain mineral water or fruit juice instead. Nathan is the complete opposite but that's not a problem. He joked that at least his coke would be safe from me. My turn to glare!

We got up without finishing the entire pizza. Since Nathan had paid for the main course, my dibs were on the dessert. But that came way later. We wanted to walk around some more. The camera crew had moved to the first floor and we had no option to move to the ground floor. "Scared to be caught on camera?", I teased.

"Not really. If someone sees this they're going to think that you lost your mommy and I was helping you locate her. That would be such a dent in my bad-boy image!", Nathan shot back. Is there a rule against hitting your boyfriend in public?, I wondered.

Nathan said that he wanted to buy a shirt, so I took the step "Will you be changing the shirt in front of me?", I asked sweetly.

"This is 2010. There is a thing known as changing rooms, I would take you there but I doubt it's big enough to fit the two of us!", he winked.

I knew it was a lost, there is no way I'm getting a public display of affection out of him. I asked him if he'd like his dessert now, "Yeah, sure! I was wondering if you had forgotten!" Nathan said in his as-a-matter-of-fact tone. I offered him double scoop but he told the soda-jerk one scoop specifically. He had Mocca Chino and I had Twiks. "Twinks!", he whispered in my ears.

I looked around to see what he meant, "I'm taking about your ice-cream, dumbo!" he remarked amused. I was finally convinced, I had a really naughty puppy on my hands. We finished them and continued with shirt shopping. We were at this shop, Nathan was browsing when Lady GaGa's Alejandro started playing. "Your favorite?", he asked.

"Your talking about the song or yourself?", I winked. Alejandro is one of the songs I do like, but I'm not crazy about it. However I do find myself singing it a few times, and predictably I was singing it as we left the store. As I hummed "You know that I love you boy, hot like Mexico!", Nathan turned around 'Why, thank you!". I swear I never have had this much fun on any date before. There were no awkward pauses, no second-guessing, no inappropriate comments, no looking at other men. Just me and him having a good time. No, not good. Make it great time!

Nathan asked if we could take a look at the stores on the first floor, who was I to complain; More time to spend together! Just as we were about to board the escalators, Nathan spotted the camera crew. He told me to wait down and come up a while later. He told me the shop he would be in, so that I can take a different route but end up there. I agreed and watch him leave. As the escalator rose, my eyes fell on his ass and I felt naughty.

"Awesome ass!", I texted him. I heard Nathan's cell ring and saw him read the message. He snapped it back and gave me one of his naughty smiles. What do you know, finally an inappropriate comment but so correctly place.

Sadly the stores on the first floor didn't carry anything good either. Nathan had to return empty handed. It was around 2pm then, I had to be back home soon so as not to arouse suspicion. "You need to go now, right?", he asked.

"Yeah!" I told him. "Sorry, I wish I could stay longer!"

"Why are you apologizing? The date was cut-short because of me, I should be apologizing to you!", he said with a sad tone.

"No, it's okay! I had a blast anyways, just make sure you come on-time on Wednesday!", I told him as I took out the package I had bought for him. He was staying with his grand-parents in Pakistan and they had no net connection at their home, so he was solely surviving on the TV Series he had brought from his home. I gave him the first season of 'Life As We Know It'. It's one of the most guy orientated series I've ever seen and the cast is super-cute. He thanked me and we hugged again. I wanted to hold on to him for a while longer but the public didn't permit it. "Text me when you get home, okay?", he told me.

"Will do! See you on Wednesday!", I said and turned away.

As I boarded the tuk-tuk, I couldn't help but think how amazing the past few hours had been. I can grow old to be 80, but I won't ever forget my first date with Nathan. Never ever!


Derric said...

I am sure it will get better and better.....Congrats to both of oyu

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

*fingers crossed* :D

I've got high hopes!!

Branden said...

A great first date helps alot :D haha... you two seem to be a perfect fit

Eros said...

I don read blogs as such.. jst happen to stumble on this one..

mst say.. Nice post buddy...
I cld almost feel wht u mst be feeling..

All my best wishes to you..

Phunk Factor said...

@ Branden
Yeah....kinda scary but cool!!!

@ Eros
Thanks fr dropping by, man!!!
Btw...how come u didn't scrap me?

Christian said...


Johnny said...

Good thing you didn't ask the guards, they get freaked out so easily...being a Pakistani myself I know how freaky ppl get here about security concerns!

The part about you feeling shy was really cute...the right person tends to have that effect on us!

You two had alot of fun and that's so amazing! So glad for the two of you!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Christian

I know...double thumbs up!!!

@ Johnny

Hey...you are a Pakistani? I had no idea...hd another one, but he hasn't visited fr a few days!

Thanks fr dropping by!

H said...

You guys are SHOO cute!! :D

Phunk Factor said...

@ H

More that that...we're happy together!

Thanks fr stopping by!

▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬ said...

captivating... extremely well written... thanks not just for sharing but writing so well, all the details :)...

look forward to what happens next...

best wishes

Phunk Factor said...

@ ▬╡νι¢кソ╞▬

Thanks, man....and the next part is up!!! Thanks for dropping by!

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