Jun 17, 2010


Before I made my Phunk Factor profile on Orkut, I had another gay profile on Orkut. I had made it when I was 16 and on my summer break, completely out of boredom. The profile didn't last very long, possibly 8 months at most. Through that profile I had my first little taste of the gay community on Orkut.

The results weren't that appealing frankly speaking. Everyone was asking for my stats and cell number. The funny thing is, I was so naive that I had absolutely no idea what are stats and I used to share my sister's cell phone so I couldn't give out my number. Although the idea of hooking up did fascinate me but I needed to trust the other person. But that wasn't happening. Everyone wanted quick service. It's my ass, you moron! I need to trust you before I let you even touch it once!

I had also joined in a few forums, but I didn't actively participate in any of the discussion going on over there. I took a back seat and observed what people said. Amongst the entire crowd, one person stood out to me most. His views were definite and thought provoking. He had also posted a fiction story somewhere and I can't describe in words how amazing it felt to read it. 'Satisfaction' doesn't begin to describe what I felt after reading it. It was like finding an extremely good book in the most pathetic library ever!

As mentioned earlier the profile didn't last very long. But even after I had deleted it, I used to visit the gay forums just to see if he had made any new post or written a new story. Sometimes I felt the urge to add him on my straight profile but then I used to think about my other 162 contacts and chicken out. He was literally my own personal gay icon!

Back then, he had this really obscure picture of image of the Indian actor, Arjun Rampal. It was so obscure that many people thought it was actually him. Poor dude had to include in his 'About Me' that it's not him in the picture. However let me add this, his 'About Me' was one of the best I had ever read. I wish I had saved a copy of it somewhere, but sadly I haven't.

At the end of 2007, I made a new gay profile on Orkut and this ID became Phunk Factor. And it was on this ID that I got to know him. He wasn't the first person I added into my friendlist, but he does happen to be the first person that I revealed my real identity to and then added him onto my straight profile on Orkut as well. That counts for alot!

What started in the beginning of 2008 has lasted till now and it has kept on getting better and better. It might be abit too self-absorbed to say, but we're like the ladies of Sex and the City. Been friends through alot. It's sad that I've never met him. I've seen him on web-cam and we've exchanged pictures on special occasions, but we know each other really well. To watch him move out of a small city to one of the metropolitian cities of India has been amazing. I don't know when I'll be meeting him, but I can tell you one thing for sure. Before I exit this not-so-cruel world, I plan to meet him once, give him a real tight hug and smack him for making a couple of really stupid decision.

Being one of the important people in my life, he certainly deserved a place on my blog. And he will be known as Christian. Stay tuned, alot more to come on him sooner and later!

Happy Birthday, Christian!
Hope I managed to make your day special once again!


i.Damion said...

i went on orkut to see what it was and i unknowingly made a profile- weird :|
happy that you've got an online friend that you're close to. i wish i had one. (i used to but something bad happened...my cousin)
and Happy Birthday Christian!

Derric said...

Yes sometimes we meet people like Christian on the virtual world, we become life long friends...he know you better than anyone else..its cool to have great friends like that.
Ive got a similar friend, we know for more that 4 yrs, yet to meet him, actually i went to meet him 2 days back but was not able to but hoping to meet him in 2-3 days time...but for him its gonna be smacking then the hug

Phunk Factor said...

@ i.Damion

Yeah...i added u up!!! See u there!! Sorry to hear about ur loss....but u kno something, it's never too late to go back!!

@ Derric

OMG! Dude...ur so lucky!! The thing with us is that he's India and I'm frm Pakistan....so you can figure out the whole story urslf!!

We hope to meet on strange borders someday!

Best of Luck fr ur meeting!!

Johnny said...

Whoa...the comment from Christian was fucking long...a new character...you do seem to have alot of people who care about you...whutz ur sekret? :p

Phunk Factor said...

@ Johnny

And that's not the only thing long about him! :p

Dean Grey said...

Am I the only one that doesn't know what Orkut is? I'm the last to know about EVERYTHING!

Happy Belated Birthday to Christian!


Phunk Factor said...

@ Dean Grey

Hahaha...it's not that popular amongst Americans! It's a social networking site...like facebook!

Christian said...

Happily Ever After , wat is it..?? is it a state of mind or body..?? or a place..?? or just a myth..?? or is it Friendship..? I'll say it’s the latter. if you have a Friend like Phunk, it is Happily Ever After.

I always Imagine meeting him near Statue of Liberty dun knw why, mayb we'll meet in US sumwer n the Statue just symbolizes US. i imagine you with ur perpetual grin coming towards me, n me walking, wanting a lot to run but am not and to finish the distance of years that had kept us apart. and then we hug, ...you giggle.....lol.... and its the same... shud we call it survival of years ...Naah, it has been a smooth sail, without any trouble in paradise.

It was Friday, 11th January 2008 wen he first scrapped me on orkut, and after that we havnt stopped. well we had kinda seen each other a lot in various communities before the scraps started. the guy was out spoken, posting , playing, interactin with fellow members, his views impressive, it was hard not to like him, n i was kinda in awe of him. i never thought we cud be friends. but as usual, I was wrong. the first scrap he sent me, he wrote - "Awesum Captioning ...Dude!!! ", from those three words, we had shared long mails, IMs, Scraps, millions of words. Happily Ever After.

To say wat he means to me, honestly, I wouldn’t be alive, if he hadn’t been in my life, times wen I have been down n in dumps, he has rescued me. He looks like a kid, but he is a knight in shining Armour. He is the most wonderful human being I've ever met, an amazing person. Each thing he does, brings a smile on my face. Honestly he is the most important person in my life.

It always scares me to think - Wat if I had never met you...Life would be so different, I would be so different, cos its you who make me a better person.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Christian

OMG!! What a comment.....soooo huge!!! I'm amazed...but a million thank yous!!!

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