Jun 15, 2010


Yesterday Nathan got done with his exam, and I can very honestly say that I was just as glad as him for them getting over. It's been days since we had talked over on yahoo messenger. It's not like we were not in touch, but exchanging 'Good Morning' and 'Good Night' messages just doesn't compare to talking for a good three to four hours in a row about everything under the sun.

From 10 pm to 2 am, we were talking. Nathan was online from his laptop and I was online from my cell. I have two cell phones. One is not at all flashy that I basically take with me everytime I go out, after having two awesome cells taken from me at gun-point, I really didn't feel safe carrying around a flashy one with me everyday. So anyhow I have two cells, the flashy one stays at home and that's the one I use to talk to Nathan. It's always pumped with bucket loads of credit and even if I have credit in it, I put more in. I never ever want to be caught dead without credit in my flashy cell. The flashy cell also happens to be a touch screen one, and having not used it much before I totally lost the feel of it. My speed of texting was so freak'in slow yesterday, LOL...I need to brush up fast. Nathan freaks out very easily when I reply late!

However before things got all cosy and rosy, we ran face first into an arguments. And this argument would have never happened had out stupid cell service been considerate enough to send our messages across to each other. He didn't get my 'Best of Luck' message and 'How did your paper go?' message, and consequently I didn't get his 'My paper went good' message. Argh, I hate to be so dependent on technology. Romances suffers drastically!

The miscommunication soon cleared over and we went back to being sickeningly sweet and sappy romance stricken romeos that we usually are. I gifted him the torrent for the first episode of True Blood Season 3 which aired last Sunday and boy, was he pleased! Had he been here, things would have gotten truly really dirty!

Speaking of True Blood; Lord, what an opening episode. Single episode and I got to see both Alexander Skarsgard's buns of steel and Ryan Kwanten's bubble butt. OMG!! Did they just cut out a slice of Heaven and serve it to me in a silver platter? But that's not even the best part of yesterday's episode. The small gay sequences between Stephen Moyer and Sam Trammell was mind-blowing. I was literally expecting some lip actions between the two. But I'm partly glad it didn't happen, my dick would have ripped it's way out of my very comfortable Adidas trousers and done something crazy. But seriously, those of you who haven't been watching True Blood and are depressed that there is nothing on TV in Summer except for re-runs, tune into True Blood. You will be more than just satisfied!

Also Nathan gave me the very good news that's he coming to Pakistan on 26th June. God, this is going to be EPIC! You call already probably guess how excited I am! I'm going to be meeting him on 26th, if not then 28th definitely. Man, I'm juiced so bad! For more pictures from the episode you can click here, thanks to an anonymous reader for providing the link!

Also keep an eye for an introductory post that will be up very soon about a very important friend of mine. He's the digital equivalent of Ryan, one of my closest friends. Or as I like to term him, my Cristina! ;)

Don't be confused! It's a complicated relation! You'll know all about him tomorrow! Yes, it's a him!


Branden said...

i heart true blood haha :P it is cheesy at time but i can ignore that... n huh! gettin nice cell phones snatched at gunpoint.. dont even get me started :P haha..

cant wait to know about your cristine :D

Notorious Tease said...

In my defense, u were missing since morning. so i hd a right 2 freak out :)

2ndly... Kwanten's n Skargard's butt is ur heaven is it?!! U r SO gonna regret sayin dat!!! :P

Phunk Factor said...

@ Branden

Et tu, Brutus? :p

Yeah...I needed to publish that post today, but couldn't!! It may be up in a few hours...i'm trying!!

@ Notorious Teaser

Hahahaha...i really can't say what I think about ur butt over here! Ur private property, u kno! ;)

Thanks to u both fr dropping by!!!

Anonymous said...

dnt u think u hav a bit too many "close" friends?????

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous

I refuse to believe you can have only one 'close' friends! The bigger ur social circle, the more people you know and the more people you know...the greater there is a chance of you getting to kno some of them on better!

Besides I don't think '3' is that much! Do you?

Derric said...

Hmmm looks like i need to check out True Blood.
So the month end is gonna be "The Time" eh....congrats

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Yes...you definitel need to check out True Blood!!!

And double yes....i SO can't wait!!! :D

Anonymous said...

err,,im sure there r more than 3,,,i wud know

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous

I assure you...they're 3! I got friends...loads of them, but the close ones....'3'...there were some who moved away(Emotionally speaking) so let's spare them the pity! ;)

Anonymous said...

just b careful

Anonymous said...

btw http://www.squarehippies.com/2010/06/best-premiere-ever/

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous

Thanks fr the concern and the link...i'll put it up asap!

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