May 28, 2010

Yo! Listen Up!

One of the best things about being with Nathan is that we have alot of things in common. He likes Grey's Anatomy. I like Grey's Anatomy. He loves kids. I love kids. He likes pets. I like pets. He likes dick more than pussy, and so do I. LOL!!

Our list goes on for a few more lines but I need to make this really quick. Our latest addition to our list is that we're both BLOGGERS!

I admit this change is rather new for Nathan, but hey it's a start! So far he had always been on the reader's side, but since May 27th, 2010 Nathan will also be standing on the publishing side. Frankly speaking I never expected him to be seen here because in real-life he's actually a very shy person. He prefers keeping things to himself. But then I guess blogging may actually turn out to be a good thing for him, he can express whatever he wants under an pseudonym. Yeah, he's closeted like me. Hey, that's another thing we have in common!

You can head over to Nathan's blog by clicking here. Follow, comment, criticize but be careful. I'll be watching. Don't you dare make a play for my man. Just kidd'in!

Wish me luck! Got an exams on Monday!


raulito said...

went in his blog...I am going to follow it.

Notorious Tease said...

OMG! Stop terrorizing ppl into following my blog u bully! ;) thnx alot 4 d awsum intro into d blog world babes :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Raulito

Thanks for following him!!

@ Notorious Tease should have thought about that twice before giving me the link to ur blog! :p

Anonymous said...

you guys make a sweet pair... god bless!
and I really went 'awwwhhh' when you wrote not to 'play with ur man'!!!
and all the best for ur exams, Phunk!


Phunk Factor said...

@ Aravindan

Thanks, man! :)

H said...

OMG You guys are nausetingly cute!
I cannot help but go aww.

H said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phunk Factor said...

@ H

Hehehe....anything but a 'Boo' would keep me going! ;)

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