May 2, 2010

XXXtina is Back!!

Just four months into 2010 and we're already being blown away by the happenings in the music industry. With so many amazing albums released last year that are blazing the charts with their singles, we have new ones coming from the albums that were released earlier this year or are going to debut soon. The biggest news 2010 has yet to offer is the return of the Christina Aguilera!

That's right, folks! She's releasing her fourth English studio album Bionic in June. The first single Not Myself Tonight debuted on March 30th, 2010. I'm completely in love with the song. Christina's strong vocals combined with the crazy techno beats and ensnaring melodies, we have a complete dance floor anthem for the summers. It's electro pop at it's best. I'm telling you, this song is hot!

I've been playing it non-stop, currently it sits at the top position on my iTunes 'Most Played' list with a total number of 831. Simon Curtis's Diablo is at the second spot with 356 and Lady GaGa's Dancing In The Dark at the third spot with 324. I'm completely loving this track!

Making a breakaway from the blues and jazz styles of her last album Back To Basics, Xtina is going for a more electronic and dance type record. While I'm not very excited about this news, because right now just about everyone seems to be doing that and more importantly I prefer Christina's more as a balladier. Her song Beautiful and Hurt are still found on my iTunes music library and have out-lasted every other song of her.

The music video for Not Myself Tonight freshly debuted on April 30th and it's left me speechless. But not entirely in the way I would have preferred. To put it down in a few word, the video doesn't do the song justice!

Christina looks more banging than ever and she's definitely racked up many points on the steamy, saucy, sexy, scandalous scale. But I feel alot of dancing has been left out in favor of the S&M shots and sex scenes. Check out some of the video stills below to get a fair idea of what you will be seeing in the video;

The black jump suit and white mini looks are worth a million words, only the kind that are positive. But still, I would have preferred alot more dancing, some really crazy choreography. And yes, definitely more shirtless male dancers. Those guys definitely get my groove on. You can check out the full length video below;

Is Christina back to give the other ladies some serious competition?

Most definitely, if you ask me!

Btw, is it just me or does anyone else also feel that she says F*ck U everytime before the start of the chorus?



Aguilera is definitely ROCK !!!!

Johnny said...

Christina has still got it going on but everything she has done in the video is something that someone else has done before!

Phunk Factor said...

@ L²

No doubt there!

@ Johnny

I know but still you gotta give credit where it's due!

Thanks for dropping by both of you! :)

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