May 8, 2010

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Many of you are probably aware that my exams are up next week( Though that doesn't seem from how frequently I'm blogging LOL ), anyhow exams means no fun. No fun means no romance. No romance means no Nathan. And no Nathan basically means *ML!

I told Nathan about that the past Thursday and he wasn't happy about it at all. But he understood that it was something that needed to be done after I explained that I'm not freaking out.

You see on Wednesday, I dared to nudge a certain topic had been bugging me since the past few days; Safe Sex! I didn't have the nerve to bring it up. Talking about sex is really awkward, especially if your chatting through some messenger. When you type what you say, there is no voice pattern or facial expression involved. People can read your sentences wrong and there can be a whole lot of confusion, but it's something that had to be done. With Bruce, I had initiated the conversation as well. Even though that was on his face, the wasn't any less awkward.

The talk with Nathan revealed some rather saucy details of his past which he wasn't too keen on revealing as he thought they would put him in bad light. Those were the darkest moments in his opinion and he's not proud of them at all. Even telling them was a chore for him. I wasn't mad, infact I found the confessions not really unsettling. It's not they were dark, but it would give people the very wrong impression about him. To put it in his words, he found those acts kind of slutty. But not that much to me, I've heard worse. But from how he looks, one really won't be able to guess that he could be naughty in bed. Damn, I lucked out big time. Nathan rocks!

The conversation went well, but at the end Nathan was worried that he had tarnished his image in my eyes and that I was freaking out about it. I denied it completely, that is the truth. I wasn't freaking out. Hey, I made a guy jerk off on cam when I was 16. Now that is something really freaky!

The conversation ended and we both went to bed - separately, unfortunately. The trouble was that the next day I had to tell them that I won't be able to make it to chat from now on. because I really need to buckle down. My yahoo also was kind of conked out that day and I wasn't getting Nathan's messages on time. I was getting them five minutes late. Nathan immediately assumed that his confession yesterday had freaked me out and I didn't want to talk to him. Upon that he saw some spicy scraps sent by some random freak in my scrapbook and his mind started churning the 'Oh no, he didn't!' thoughts. He was furious at the dude, but he didn't tell me. I had to guess it!

About that idiot, why don't people read?!

My profile clearly states committed on the status, but that doesn't stop him. Maybe he had a committed guys fetish! And it's not like my picture was even up, people really have no brains to say just about anything. And if all that wasn't offensive enough, he spelled 'bottom' wrong. I think that was the biggest turn-off in the whole deal!

Anyhow things got sorted out with Nathan the same night. I convinced him that it really wasn't freaking me out, infact I'm ecstatic that he's accomplished in more ways than I imagined. LOL, he didn't take that compliment to kindly either. And I don't entirely blame him. I never ever give straight lines!

Also another slightly creepy happening this week is that I'm in love with another on of Adam Lambert's song. It's the bonus track from his UK Edition, it's called Voodoo. God, I'm literally orgasming everytime he says voodoo. Also I'm very pissed that the cutie Aaron Kelly was eliminated this week, how could they eliminate him and not Michael Lynch or Casey James! I'm seriously hoping these two go in the coming week and we have a Crystal vs. Lee finale. At least then this season would get an inch of credibility in my book!

Also i saw a picture of SRK snogging some totally hot hunk right on the lips. While I really don't care about SRK, I am feeling bad about the other guy. He's a real hottie and totally out of SRK's league!

I'm not even sure where is it from and if it's photo-cropped or something original. I'm posting it below, what do you think?

You can check it out here! And that's my weekly update...mostly!


M@rvin said...

Sex - always presumed guilty until proven innocent. :) But yeah, who hasn't done things they haven't been proud of? Mine involves a glory hole in a seedy sex shop - yuck! Good you guys communicate so well.

SRK has always looked meh, in my opinion. And of course he's a closet bisexual - even his BF Karan Johar is out of his league methinks! :)

H said...

First of all! Bitch, you bagged a STUD.
And next, SRK? YUM! I'd do him just for the dimples!
I always thought he was bi, and my suspicions have been confirmed! :O

Derric said...

No i get it why were you so saying, chat does not reveal the emotions".....and true i have to agree with you.
As for the mis-communications, it will pass. But for now you need to open your books

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

I'll make sure to catch u on chat and pull that one out of you! ;)

N yes, just about anyone you can think of in the Bollywood right now is out of SRK's league! :p

@ H

Don't I know it? ;)

@ Derric

Exactly!! You have Exhibit A right in ur own life! N yea...i'm an open book, Nathan just needs to un-dress...errr, i mean open me! ;)

Thanks fr dropping by ya'll!! :D

Johnny said...

Crap! Ur week went bad mostly....hope the next is much better!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Johnny

Yes, it was littered with rather bad events!

Thanks for dropping by!

raulito said...

How about posting some pictures of real good looking Pakistani men? They are very attractive you know...
I am trying to follow your blog but the thing is not working. It gives me an error message.
In any case, I like your blog and just so you know, I will follow it.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Raulito

I'm not exactly sure about that! It's a blog about my thoughts and not about Pakistani eye candy!

Maybe in the future, I will post the images of Pakistani guys I find good looking....non celeb guys, ofcourse!


hmmm~ frm wat u blog, i can feel tat its so much difference of a gay life in pakistan and malaysia...

we're much more open :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ L²

Totally!! Everything happens underground here!

Artistry of Male said...

Hey Phunk,
Nice blog you got going here. I've linked you up at AOM. Happy blogging. Cheers, AOM

P.S. Your wallpaper is ready.

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