May 11, 2010

Phunk, Am I Gay?

God loves to humiliate me! Things I decide I will not be doing, I find myself doing those very things a few days later. Last week I noticed two Justin Bieber posts on blogs I follow. You can check them out here and here. While I was reading the posts, I thought to myself that I would never ever post about Justin Bieber. But guess what?

Here I am, posting about Justin Bieber. Like I said, God loves to humiliate me.

Yesterday I got four calls from an unknown number, normally I'm not someone to pay attention to unknown numbers. But this guy kept calling again and again. It wasn't like he canceled the calls himself, I just didn't receive them. I thought they were from Bruce. It's usually his style to call from unknown numbers, God knows how many numbers he owns!

When he called the fifth time, I finally received. If it was Bruce, he's going to be hearing some rather strong words from me that I don't usually say. I shout into the phone, and it's a kid. And it's not just any kid. I actually know this kid. He's my mom's best friend's son.

This lady is my mom's best friend since her medical college days. Even so many years after graduating, they have kept in touch. But that kind of makes sense, especially since the guy she married happened to be a friend of my dad from his engineering college days. My dad wasn't exactly best friends with him, just the casual hello-hi type of friends. But ever since the marriage, they got to be really good ones. Also they live pretty close to our place. I have spent numerous summer afternoons in the park or beach with their family.

They're nice bunch. The picture perfect family, you see. A husband, his wife and their three wonderful kids; two sons and a daughter. Two years ago, the picture got messed up really bad. The family was hit by a truck on their way back from a dinner. Everyone, except the father, survived. Their elder son, who I used to be really good friends with, was in coma for two weeks. The poor guy didn't even get a chance to say good bye to his dad.

The family has changed drastically from how it used to be two years ago. They became all business and no play. The elder son who I was regularly in competition all through out my academic life, especially since we went to rival schools, possibly under-went the roughest change of them all. He was the man of the family now, at the tender age of 21. He dropped out of medical school and joined a prestigious business school in USA on full scholarship. When his father was alive, he completely hated business and would never ever want to do business. But after the death, he wanted to do exactly everything his dad would have liked him to do. I tried to explain it to him at that moment that his decision is really stupid but he bit my head off. And I never really bothered with raising the matter again. He's graduating next year and he's already working. I feel bad for him, he gave up his entire life but in the process he has moved away from the family. The daughter who is two years younger than me went to medical school, she's in second year right now. The youngest son is sixteen and is giving his O Level Exams right now (Yeah, right as I am typing this he's giving an exam).

So this kid, called me up yesterday and wanted to ask me something that's been bothering him big time. I thought it was something regarding his studies, but then he suddenly starts talking about Justin Bieber. I can't believe it, he's got an exam tomorrow and he's talking to me about how cool he thinks Bieber is. Put aside the fact that I have absolutely no liking for Bieber, but this argument is completely irrational. He's stammering, stuttering, gasping and mumbling. I tell him to stop and tell me clearly what's going on because right now, he's not making any sense.

"I love Justin and I think I'm gay!", he says after a pause.

"Shouldn't you be having this talk with your elder brother?", I ask him.

"Don't you think I have tried that already?!", he complains. "He shut me down completely. Told me I was being stupid, idiotic and wasting my time. He doesn't want to listen to me on this subject at all. I told him again and again that it's affecting my studies and I can't concentrate. But he scolds me everytime!" he said on the verge of tears.

My heart breaks for the kid. He's definitely in a desperate position right now and I really shouldn't be feeling uncomfortable about it. He's just like my younger brother. Therefore it's my duty to help him out, "Okay, so describe whatever it is that your feeling!".

So he starts describing what's going on in his head. He listens to Justin Bieber all day long and feels as if Bieber has sung these songs for him. He has downloaded all his music videos and watches them whenever he can. He has subscribed to Justin Bieber's YouTube channel and absolutely loves watching the impromptu videos of Justin where he does silly random things. Also he dresses like Justin. Crap!

Personally I felt it's more that he wants to be like Bieber and not that he's got any feelings for him. But the part where he said that he feels Bieber sings these songs for him kind of made me think there might be something more. At any rate, he can't waste his time thinking about this right now. Not atleast when he's got exams the next day. I tell him to cool down whatever he's got going on. Avoid Bieber as much as he can. He can listen to his music but mix it up with other artists. When he does actually listen to a Bieber song, try to think of him just as another artist and not a heart throb. I felt that's the best advice I could give him.

He thanked me, said good bye and cut the call. And with that my Bieber blog post comes to an end. Looking back, it's longer compared to my usual postings.

In all that was happening, I forgot to ask him one thing. Why did he decide to turn to me?, this question has seriously been bugging me. But I don't think I got the nerve to ask him. Anyhow that's it for now!



its good for u to help the kid out :) and the reason is ---- u look gay maybe :P

Johnny said...

Nice of you to help the kid out! His brother could have suggested the same thing if he had just listened!

Sorry to hear about the family's loss one deserves a fate like that!

Derric said...

Na i don't think he is gay..just obsessed with the guy and his music.....
some music and artist tends to do that to you.
What ever be the reason that made him choose you, to talk to, was were there for him.
To be for someone at the time of confusions/turbulence is the best gift/support you can give.

Phunk Factor said...

@ L²

Hahaha...possibly, but then again I don't think so!

@ Johnny

Regular as always! N yeah, no one should suffer such a fate!

@ Derric

I had the same thought, but like I said...what he felt when listening to those songs indicated something else!

I'm just glad I helped the kid out!

Mike said...

All I can say is WOW. That is pretty intense feelings. I can't say I've ever felt those sort of feelings from a singer. Glad you listened to the kid- sounds like he was desperate!

Rakesh said...

I think he called you because, maybe he thought, you were the only other "older brother" kind of person, who would be open minded enough to understand, when attempts to make his brother understand, failed.
Whether he is gay or not, try to make him open up about these feelings, and find out if he has these feelings only for JB or for other guys too.

M@rvin said...

Phunk, could he be hitting on you? ;) The whole Justin Bieber thing could just be a ruse to come out.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Mike

Same here! I occasionally go mad about different singers, but I've yet to think any of them is singing a particular song to me!

@ Rakesh

Possibly...i'd like to think that, but I would have preferred that his bro could have handled it! If it ever gets out that he had the conversation with me, the elder bro would pummel me to pulp!

@ M@rvin

Errrr...i hope not! I'm not interested in younger men at all...a year or two is okay, but sixteen...that's like a completely different generation! :p

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Glancing over this post, I thought, "Justin Bieber? Really?... Really?" and it turned out to be one of my favorite reads today.

I'm glad you could help a guy out. I couldn't imagine going through that.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Gay Mormon Boy

Hehehehe...glad to kno u liked it! :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Gay Mormon Boy

Hehehehe...glad to kno u liked it! :)

harsh said...

hmm... i agree wid M@rvin i think he ws hittin on yaa..

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