May 30, 2010

Men In Uniform

It's no secret that we all like men in uniform. Everybody looks up to a man in a uniform. We, the gays, like looking up to them in our special own way. But occasionally it's even more fun to have a light hearted poke at this subject.

Nowadays one of the most pressing chapters in LGBT Rights is allowing gays to serve in military. According to me, your sexuality doesn't really matter when it comes to standing up for what is rightfully yours, for example your country.

Homosexuality is still a pretty much hush hush topic in the Eastern Countries, especially the Muslim ones. However in the Western there is so much coverage about LGBT happenings that it's impossible not to notice it. Like everything, there are people against allowing gays to service in the military and there are people who have given it a thumbs up. Below are two funny excerpts I found on my friend's Orkut profile that show case both sides.

Why are people against it;

Then again I found another reason why people believe gays are not wanted in the army. A friend of mine believes that they are afraid that of a thousand of gay guys with M16S going "Who'd you call a 'faggot'?"

Couldn't help but laugh over both of them. Personally I believe in the second one much more. What do you say?  


Derric said...

Don't we all love men in uniform..i like them in white....
Never understood, why people underestimate gay, or does straight men have an extra ball

M@rvin said...

Militaries are bound by so many (I feel useless) traditions, I'm not surprised. The bigger question - why have an army at all?... Wish we could all be like Costa Rica!

Anonymous said...

if you let the gays go in the battlefiled, then let the women go too :P lol

Phunk Factor said...

@ Derric

Ahhh...yes yes, the Marines...sailor fantasy is def big!!

@ M@rvin

Cotsa Rica doesn't have an army? Wow!! That's news for me!!

@ Anonymous

There is some obscene rule against that, but then again...there have been reports of female officers being mistreated by their superiors and female soldiers being forced to get under the sheets!! It's a harsh harsh world!


i love pilot :)

Jackdaw said...

The green camouflage clothes are also very nice... and what about firemen?

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