May 23, 2010

I Don't Like You

I don't like you. I don't like you at all. Infact right now, I'm pretty much on the border-line of hating you. I know that me hating you won't be something really major for you. It clearly shows that your going on about your life as you normally would. While it may not be visible in front of those buttons you call eyes, but my friend happens to be going through a frigg'in heart-break. Yeah, I'm talking about the same one you broke up with a few days ago. And yes, he's the same one who you went back to get together with again after you had rejected him once based on how he looks. Who does that?!

No one. No one, except you. Seriously, what the hell?!

Had somebody told me last year that you would do something like this, I would have defended you. But now if somebody says something negative about you, I won't be defending. Hell, I might even join the bitch session myself. You really don't care about anyone besides yourself. You're nothing but a spoiled brat who insists on having his own way. And also, you happen to have a huge ego. And I'm not talking about the kind Beyonce sings about and Kanye claims to have. Someday when you buy get a house of your own someday, make sure you buy a king-size bed. On side you can rest and on the other side, your ego can. I really don't think anyone would want to get into bed with you if you treat them like crap.

Last summer when you guys had that whole crisis going on, I was actually rooting for you. I admit that I was skeptical for awhile and kept thinking that you two were pulling one on me. But when I realized in his words and your words that you really do feel for each other, I was rooting for you guys. I wanted you guys to be together so bad, because for me you both were awesome people who deserved to have an awesome happy ending. But guess what?. You didn't get your happy ending. I don't know what's the reason, but I'm pretty sure that it's along the lines of you becoming cold as ice and enveloping yourself in what you considered important, clearly he wasn't that important to you. A part of me thinks that you never really gave him a chance because all the while you believed that you could do better than him. Had you given him a real chance, let him inside and believed in him, you guys could have had something really good going on right now.

I was a really good friend of yours, but I'm no longer that. I was a really good friend of his, and I still am. Since I knew you both, I was the carrier pigeon between you two when you weren't on talking terms. To be honest, I really didn't mind it at all. I didn't mind it for a second. If I could help getting you to together in anyway, I was more than willing to help. But you repeatedly said that I sided more with him and told him more about you than I told you about him, hence you broke our friendship. I was disheartened at your decision, but I went ahead with it. And that too only because I knew that nobody can enforce anything on you. Had I pushed myself, you would have broken up at that moment with him. If it meant that you two would be together, I didn't mind taking the stepping out of the car. Anything to keep you two going.

But what I'm not fine with, is you hurting my friend. I'm not fine with that at all. And it sucks that your going around with your normal routine, but he can't. He waited for your exams to get over so you two could talk.  He actually waited till your frigg'in exams got over so he could get his heart broken. Why invite him to this misery in the first place?!

When you two first broke up, he told me to stop him if he ever decides to go back to you. I made a rookie mistake. When he was going, I let him go. I wanted him to be happy, because he was happy with you. In my heart, I didn't want him to go because I didn't trust you anymore. I couldn't trust you to love him anymore. But it made him happy, so I let him go. Damn, such a rookie mistake! Yeah, it's partly my mistake that he got screwed.

I really don't know what's going to happen to you or him next, but I hope someday that you realize this mistake and at least apologize to my friend. But till you do that Mr. Scientist, everytime you open your mouth all I'm going to hear is 'Blah Blah Blah'.


H said...

Wow. That's powerful.
But I understand, if anyone did anything like that to my friend, I would paste them.
But it'll be fine, your friend's probably better off without this person. :D

Derric said...

What the ...... happened, relax that's what i can say

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