May 25, 2010

Heavenly Bodies

A big part of being me is being campy, trashy, cheesy and completely inappropriate. I'm not saying these qualities are something I'm proud of, but mixed together they constitute what I am. It's like pickles and pregnancy. You don't like pickles 'cuz they leave that bitter taste in your mouth and you definitely don't like pregnancy 'cuz they drive the last ounce of sensibility out of women. But together, they're awesome. Give a pregnant woman a jar of pickles and you shut her up instantly. Not that most of you would need to shut up a pregnant lady, but still make sure to give Phunky a pat on the back when this proves successful.

Nathan, unfortunately, is at most exposure of this relentless rambling. That's what you get for being committed to a freak like me. These bouts to get all in his face are completely random but most often they occur either when I'm feeling naughty or I'm feeling extremely lonely. A part of me feels that it's to get attention, not that he ignores me. But yeah, I'm a complex being!

This incidence happened a few days ago and Nathan's reaction was priceless. As stated earlier, I do these things when I'm feeling naughty or extremely lonely. In the given case, fortunately, I was feeling naughty. And naturally it was Nathan on the chopping block, so I texted him this;

Did it hurt when you fell from the Heavens? 

Nathan was left astonished, flabbergasted, flustered, exasperated, speechless and quite possibly confused. Normally he replies immediately to me, but this time I got a reply after 10 minutes. Not that I mind, my mission was accomplished. I shook him good. Really really good!

Speaking about Nathan, he's been an absolute doll lately. I had my exams in the past week, which went okay on borderline. I'll be needing as much prayers and best wishes from you guys as possible. I got three more to go, but that's next week.

Anyhow so Nathan is a self-made man. That stands for alot of things I'm not. I'm a completely spoiled brat. Nathan works for his own expenses, and that includes tuition fees. Yeah, he doesn't want to be dependent on his parents because he's the eldest child and so he feels it's his responsibility that he contributes to the inflow rather than the outflow of expenses. I really don't like to burden him with stuff, so we exchange texts for morning and night wishes only. Otherwise we text through yahoo. But for my exams, he was so awesome to text me before and after the exam as well. And sometimes at even completely random moments to boost me. Babes, I know you will read this and you should know; You're Amazing!

So let me ask you this one more time, and this time as a doctor with absolutely no bed-side manners; Did it hurt when you fell from the Heavens?


raulito said...

I don't know what you are talking about...those are qualities that make somebody totally fun. The stoic, straight acting, boring vanilla flavor person has little to offer...even though everyone has something to offer...but isn't is nicer when they are accompanied by an eccentric personality?

M@rvin said...

The cheesiest pickup lines actually work sometimes!

Good luck with the results!


woo~ :) u should appreciate nathan then~ he seems like a nice guy...

so what did nathan answer? i wanna know~ haha~ lmao

Phunk Factor said...

@ Raulito

My big mouth often gets me into trouble! I, very often, say the wrong things at the wrong timings!

@ M@rvin

Yeah...i've said enuff to know tht's true! ;)

Thanks fr the wishes!

@ L²

Hehehe...he was too shocked to say ANYTHING. He was like, 'R u flirting with me?'

N yeahh...Nathan's super-nice!!

Anonymous said...

Nathan says Thanks babes :)

Derric said...

Hey good to have you back, last post was like...what the ***** totally not you.
As for Natan, happy to know that he is such a great personality, i wish to find someone pretty soon

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous

A million thanks fr showing up on my blog! :D

@ Derric

Hahahaha....tht post a few days ago was a complete rant! I just had to get it out of my system! N yea...he's amazing and yes, I hope u too find someone pretty soon!

Anonymous said...

A million thanks 4 all d nice words. although there r a few things dat need 2 b correctd :)1st off all u arent a freak nor a brat...u r precious :)
i think i m fortun8 4 bein at most exposure of ur 'relentless rambling'. n btw, wait 4 d tym when i shake u! it'll cum soon :P n i will shake u lyk no 1 else ever has :)

Phunk Factor said...

Hahahaha....this conversation should be held in private, Nathan!! :p

Johnny said...

Pick up lines at times need to be imperfect to give the best results!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Johnny

Yes, sir!

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