Apr 8, 2010

Your Love Is My Drug

Bruce is a gone goose! When did that happen?!

Quite a significant amount of time has passed since that has happened. That's right, I've been posting everything in retrospective. It wasn't a smooth break-up and certainly the break-up wasn't the end of the drama that was to follow. Nor in anyway an inclination of the mess I was getting myself into. But I can't post one dark post after another, so I have decided to give you a happy post for the time-being. The Bruce Saga is soon to follow and there are still some posts before I completely wrap him up.

This post, is about the guy I'm currently dating. Who is he?! Well, I'm still working on his introductory post. It needs a couple of tweaks before I can put it up here. But that in no way means there can be a little teaser for you guys.

I'm pretty much head over heels about him and quite possibly the best part of the whole deal is that I'm not looking for an exit. I know it sounds quite dangerous to be fixated upon on guy like anything, but sometimes you just can't help it.

I've got all the symptoms of a love-sick puppy. I look forward to his messaging him and getting his replies. I'm not ashamed to say that the first high-light of my day is to get his 'Good Morning' message and the last is his 'Good Night' message. Quite frankly, whatever he embodies isn't at all what I had ever imagined me falling for. But hey, I also thought once that not showering in the winters is a good thing. And yes, I've got that stupid 100 watt smile fixed on my face like Tim Urban does when the judges tell him he didn't do a good job!

Generally speaking I'm a very controlled person when I'm interacting with a non-animated object. But lately my family, friends and some other have found me smiling at my cell phone or at my computer screen. My younger sister is seriously suspicious that I have a girlfriend. And the other day, our around the clock maid told me that I'm happier than I usually am. I thought she was just trying to make a conversation, so I told her that I am generally a really happy person. She commented that I'm way happier than usual. I really didn't mind, she's been with us for five years. I like to think of her as Dorota from Gossip Girl.

I'm surprised my mum hasn't commented at all. Ryan was also badgering me what's the reason behind my "maternal glow' (JERK!!) and kept begging me to spill. Too bad all got was my pathology book smacked behind his head!

I hate leaving you guys hanging, but I really don't know what to do except to start copy pasting the draft I have about him. I do not want to do that and spoil quite possibly the most awesome post EVER.

I can't believe I could be this crazy about someone!


Anonymous said...

hey phunk. . . an awesome post as usual. . . am dng my second yr medicine too . . . so i just thought i'd drop in to say hi

Phunk Factor said...

@ Anonymous on 7:45

Thanks a ton, buddy!! It's good hearing from a fellow doc-to-be! ;)

SiD said...

Don't keep us hanging for too long :P
im now really excited too read about "this guy" i would be excited to read about anyone who can put a tim urban smile on you.. lol

Johnny said...

Wooo...phunky's got a boyfriend!! Who's the unlucky fellow?
Pretty sure you two make a very cute couple together!

Phunk Factor said...

@ SiD

Hahahaha...yes, the Tim Urban 100 watt smile!! Sadly it isn't that great, but it goes from one ear to my other ear! ;)

@ Johnny

Yes, we do make a very cute couple! Thanks for dropping by! :)

Mac Callister said...

wow im glad ur happy there dude,its alright to smile in front of your toilet bowl alone u know...LOL!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Mac Callister

I know, it's just when others see that stupid smile they go like 'R u okay?'

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