Apr 13, 2010

There He Was...

It all started off with a topic he had posted in a forum. His thread stood out like a cat at the dog show. The forum, is literally, littered with threads about hooking-up and bootie calls. This boy here, had created a topic about gay friendships, relationships and how sex affects this whole already very complicated deal.

A frequent visitor to the same forum, I thoroughly enjoyed reading and laughing at the desperate people who had posted there. It wasn't the spelling mistakes and bad grammar that got my stomach in knots, but how unrealistic people actually were. Claiming to be armored with big penises, amazing behinds and staminas of lions. It's a good thing people don't need to know IQ points for hooking up. And they weren't entirely lying about being huge dicks and great asses, if you know what I mean.

Initially I felt sorry for the kid, I'm referring to him as a kid because I feel that just about everyone online is younger than me. It's been six years, on and off, since I have been here and now I feel positively ancient. The silly boy for clearly looking for answers at the wrong place. But at least, he was thinking. And that too, from his brain and not prostrate. You can't really stick it into him, you know. It would be plain cruel. 

Also, it was refreshing to see someone post something sensible. Carefully planning an answer, I shot back a small reply summarizing the whole situation. If he would choose to respond, only then I would feel the need to say more. 

When he responded a few hours later, I responded once again. I had managed to shake his notion somewhat about us being sex-starved. I admit, I can be abit of a self-assigned Superman at times rushing to save the day. It's a pity I don't look good in royal blue leotards and spandex. Also I am no fan of wearing a bright red speedo outside my pants. Everything shows! 

We kept on volleying replies between ourselves. It's not as if others weren't invited, it's a public forum and anybody can respond to anything. After 30 posts, somebody else joined in the conversation and then some more came in. But nobody stayed for long, either the two of us had alot of free time on our hands or the others didn't have much to give. Needless to say, we had gotten acquainted by now. But then our posts got abit to revealing about our details and personal lives. I thought it would be better to move our conversations to our profiles, granting us some amount of privacy.  

I had to take the first step, because shy boy, wasn't sure that I would be warm to respond to his messages. He clearly was a newbie to this online world.Awww, so cute! 

He had absolutely no idea that I had been flirting with him in the forum. When I told him that I was, he denied it completely. I felt like such a cougar preying on young teen boys. But yes, I was flirting with him. After the first few posts we had exchanged in the topic, he had impressed me with his intelligence and innocence. The innocence actually bothered me somewhat, it made me skeptical of his survival in the forum. Such innocence doesn't stay for very long, either it gets tainted or it disappears along with the person. I could be wrong, but that is what I have seen.

Reality is, that had he sent me a request I would have been very happy to accept it. I would be a giant douche-bag to deny the friendship of such an awesome person. He clearly seemed like someone who could back his opinions with words that won't make a nun sputter. Someone who thinks with an open mind, but at the same time, expresses his voice clearly. I'm such a sucker for a good debater! 

I had not developed any feelings as yet, but I was clearly interested in getting to know him better. And yes, I was still feeling very much like a cougar! 

This post is in two parts and I'll be posting the second part later this week or the next week. I tried my best to cut it short, but didn't want to omit out any of the awesome details!



wow, can't wait for part 2 :P tell us every juicy details

Phunk Factor said...

@ L²

I know, otherwise it really isn't any fun!

Details are a must! :D

Johnny said...

So this is how the somewhat great love-story started out...eager to read the next post!

Thanks for providing the link...I kinda hated that I had to go back and read it, but I liked it!

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