Apr 10, 2010

Sexy Show Delivers Sexy Men!!

I'm sure you all must be aware of Glee, the hottest TV series to debut last fall. I'm absolutely crazy about it and can't wait for the series to start again. Coming Tuesday, they're doing a Madonna special. But I'm not here to talk about Glee. I'm here to talk about the HBO hit series, True Blood. I was completely convinced that HBO would never again be able to host something as spectacular as Sex and The City, and I'm so glad that they proved me wrong. True Blood is definitely one of the it things on the telly nowadays. One of the reasons I'm a huge fan, is because of the gorgeous male leads that they feature; they are a gay man's dream come true.

Before True Blood came along, the Gossip Girl trio had me hooked. I had even secretly joined the Facebook group that whined that how their school didn't have such good looking boys in their male student body. While Gossip Girl keeps on delivering more and more to the palette, they can in no possible way rank higher than True Blood. That, my friends, is my extremely hormonal opinion. These boys have the ability to knock of socks and another piece of garment right of anyone. The men of True Blood have left everyone behind in a cloud of pixie dust!

I just can't get over how amazingly good looking they all happen to be. Sure, they're actor and they're paid to look good and make others feel bad. But still! It's plain cruel injustice at times to witness all those steely buns, sculpted abdomials and defined pectorals, and not being able to touch them. Recently the trio have been featured separately on the new issue of Details Magazine. Check out the covers below;

Personally speaking, I prefer the sun-kissed boy toy Ryan Kwanten. My best friend; Ryan, drools over the masculine, brooding hunk Alex Skarsgard. Another gay friend of mine is gaga about the mature daunting appeal of Stephen Meyer. Too bad the magazine isn't available in Pakistan, I wouldn't mind purchasing the Ryan Kwanten copy for myself.

It almost makes me want to walk up to Kwanten and ask him;

Besides being sexy, what else do you do for a living?

What about you? Why are you so quiet? Confess who makes you go meowrrrr!!


H said...

Oh What I wouldn't do to the GG threesome.

Phunk Factor said...

@ H

We all would do ALOT to GG threesome BUT it's like the GG guys are 'boys' and True Blood guys are 'men'! ;)

H said...

I get what you say! :D
But NATE! Knowhaimean?

Nimrod said...

my friends keep telling me to watch True Blood. Now I know why. Ahihi.

The guys look sexy being dirrrrty. :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ H

Nate?! What about Chuck Bass?

As much as I love Nate, I find his character annoying...season 3 is going a lil better for him!!

@ Nimrod

Yes, they do! N u should listen to your friends more often! ;)


sexy & glamorous maybe :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ L²

Glamorous....ummmm...i think the GG trio is more of that!!

Thanks for dropping by!

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