Apr 30, 2010

The Power of Madonna

Madonna..simply saying the word aloud makes me feel powerful, even in voice over. How I have worshipped her ever since I was a little girl!

Sorry Angie Jo Lee! Katherine, the Great! Madonna is the most powerful woman to ever walk the face of the Earth!

Those words, are not mine! They belong the a certain Sue Sylvester. I have not worshipped Madonna, but I have admired her from a distance. She's most definitely one of the biggest performers to ever be discovered and her music is not fixed to a particular generation. Much like the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, her music is of a life-time.

I do happen to worship the TV show Glee though. I'm a huge fan of Glee. Huge, huge, huge fan of Glee!

Ever since I first read about it's conception I have been excited about it. It's a musical!

Musicals have been a constant fascination for me. Ever since I have gotten to know about Broadway, it's on my to-do list to go see at least one of the show. Suggestions of what to watch are welcome!

Coming back to Madonna, I also happen to be a huge fan of her. My obsession with her started when I saw her song Jump being played on Channel V sometime back in 2006. I purchased her last two albums, Confessions on a Dancefloor and Hard Candy. Once I got familar with downloading, I gave her entire catalogue a listen. No one quite like the Material Girl to empower one's music collection.

Sometime around the beginning of 2010, I saw the announcement for Glee people planning a Madonna tribute episode. Needless to say I was ecstatic. Two of my favorite things combined. It's magical!

I had two presentations in the past week and a test to top that. While I had downloaded the episodes, I had not gotten a chance to watch them till today. And I was simply blown away. I had this big stupid smile like I do when I'm talking to Nathan. I loved every minute of it. Sue Sylvester is definitely the high light of the show, especially in this episode. Her re-creation of Madonna's Vogue was exhilarating to watch. Not quite as graceful as Madonna, but given her character's personality the video came out perfect. It's exactly how it should have been!

The musical numbers were amazing. I especially liked Express Yourself and 4 Minutes. But I do amit that it was hard to pick a favorite. Also my crush on Kurt (Chris Colfer) is fully re-instated as of now. I simply adored his preppie look and sassy attitude during the 4 Minutes musical number. It was so effing brilliant. Also that boy most definitely has the chops to sing with the best of them.

I'm giving this episode a 9.5 outta 10! Why am I knocking of .5?

Well since it's all about Madonna. Why not include a cameo of her very delicous arm candy, Jesus Luz?

Yummy! I most definitely need some Jesus in my life!

Also I'm loving the depth they've added to Quinn (Diana Agron) this season. I guess being knocked up does knock some sense into a person. About time a certain celebrity who's first name rhymes with Faris should start looking for a beau to get busy with, don't you think?

Also I'm hearing that Ryan Murphy; the man behind Glee, is thinking of doing more celebrity centered episodes. And more specifically a Britney Spears theme is in the pipe-line. I can only wonder what will happen next!


iDamion said...

I love Glee too. I really never paid attention to Madonna but I like some of her songs. I like the Vogue number, it started to get funny at the end when Sue slapped the hand away from her hair. I didn't know that vogue was a type of dance, just a magazine. Now I'm starting to do the hand movement things when I'm alone. (one day I will do the up side down split one of the guys did). Then the song I liked the most was "Like a Virgin". "Touched for the very first time" i had a fun singing that. Sucks that out of Reachel, Mr. Shoes girlfriend, and Finn Finn had to be the only one to give up his virginity. (can't wait to see where the lie that Finn is a virgin and Reachel isn't a virgin goes). And I liked the last song too. I don't know what it was called but it's when they have the choir people in the background. Reachel's voice is so beautiful and Kurt's too. (i like high pitched singing voices).."I close my eyes...feels like I'm falling (something like that)"..I'm starting to get a man crush on Kurt, love his singing voice, attitude, and single ladies dance....just wished his talking voice had a bit more bass to it. but still sexy and singing still amazing.
I also liked ep. 16. When Amber did the Christina Aguilera song "beautiful". I wanted to do a post on it but its still saved in my draft. It brings me back to when I first heard that song and I couldn't figure why I wasn't hating the two guys kissing through the video but liking it a bit (love the tongue action in public). I closed my door so no one would see me watching it and I got hard watching them do that. I was hoping that the music video would focus on them more but it didn't. That song actually made me look at gay differently because I never saw gay guys anywhere but heard that it was bad and wrong. It also brought up the insecurities I had/have instead of avoiding them.
Can't for more ep. to come out. I'm such a Gleek (and dork :))

Mac Callister said...

its definitely one of my fave episode of glee!

SiD said...

i love love love love GLEE! and i love sue :P shez amazing

Phunk Factor said...

@ iDamion

Hahahaha...yes, I agree! The slap was funny!! And even I didn't know it was a type of dance TILL i saw the episode!

I maybe mistaken, but isn't it the reverse! Rachael couldn't go ahead with it but Finn did! I guess....not sure!!

And Amber's take on 'Beautiful' in this week's episode is also very praise worthy. But dude...Christina is Christina. You can't do the same as she did!

And yes, I do have some memories linked to the video as well! Sometime later maybe I'll blog about it!

To all the Gleeks out there, believe in the power of Madonna! ;)

@ Mac Callister

Right back at you! :D

@ SiD

Almost everyone I know loves Sue....Jane Lynch is a STAR!!

Johnny said...

I loved the Madonna episode myself, but it's hard to imagine a Britney Spears one!

I'm a huge Britney fan...I think she's better than than Madonna, Christina, GaGa, Rihanna and almost anyone you can think of...but her music is really sexual..and Glee is kinda wholesome!

WOnder how the two would go together?!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Johnny

I never thought about Madonna's from the angle that was presented in Glee...maybe there is something to Britney's music too besides just bumping and grinding and going 'uh uh uh uh'! ;)

Still...i'm XCITED!!!

Thanks for dropping by!

M@rvin said...

Personally I just hope they never do a Mariah Carey episode! :)

And damn, Madge's ex boy toy is HOT! Just look at this article in 'The Sun' tabloid:


Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

They split?!

I had no idea!! Thanks for the update!!

N yes, a Mariah episode would definitey be a pain to my delicate ears!

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