Apr 25, 2010

Gay Little Brother

In the ever growing world of blogs, rarely there comes a blog so unique that it makes you stop and take notice. One of the blogs I was following put up a notice of a very interesting blog. And from that link I stumbled on this very interesting blog called Gay Little Brother. Interesting in the sense that, it's owned by a straight kid with a younger gay brother. It's brand spanking new and really there has been just one post, that too just yesterday, April 24th.

Here are a few words from the man of the hour himself.

Ok, last week my little brother told me that he's gay. He's 14 and I'm 17. I feel weird because I've done things together with him not knowing that he's gay. I decided to create a blog and reach out to the gay community for help along with advice on how I can best help my little brother deal with his sexuality. And maybe you can help me too. IDK what's going to happen when my friends find out my brother is gay. I don't want them to cause problems for me or for him. I'm sort of scared b/c I don't know how to react to having a gay little brother. He hasn't told our parents yet. I think my mom would be cool with it, but my dad, yikes, he's old school. Btw I'm str8. My blog is going to be my way of me asking you to help me to help him. Thx :)
By the way, the author's name isAlex. You can find the blog by clicking here!

Happy Reading!!


Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

I love how this kind of brotherly support will make the gay kid grow into a confident person. Very commendable on the part of his straight big bro. :)

Phunk Factor said...

@ Wilmaryad Oscallas

Exactly!! Knowing someone like an elder brother supports you is an amazing feeling!! And if that person IS the elder brother thennnn it's just down right amazing!!

Wilmaryad Oscallas said...

Word! :)

My own eldest brother is not for or against me being gay. What bothers him, I guess, is how too different from societal norms I used to be. I had no shame in going against the grain and waving my freak flag. Then, I realized we have to play by the rules of wherever we are to avoid unnecessary attention and trouble.

Lucky kid, indeed. :)

M@rvin said...

This is nice! Great maturity from a 17 year old too.

My own elder brother and I don't get along at all - I'm out to my parents but not to him!

Phunk Factor said...

@ Wilmaryad Oscallas

That's a concern everywhere. Even my parents are sometimes so in the box....and I'm like the Jack out of the box! :p

Hahahaha...anyhow, I'm happy fr the bros! And I'm all for helping them out in anyway!

@ M@rvin

Out to a bro?! Eeps - I think tht's equally or MORE harder than being out to ur parents!

Hope u and ur elder brother get along soon!


brotherly love :) maybe the 17 is a bit too young to deal with this... but not a bad idea to get help frm the GLBT community

Phunk Factor said...

@ L²

Probably...but just that he IS supportive is a big thing!

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