Apr 17, 2010


esterday was a whirlwind of happenings and just about nothing went how I wanted. I had self-imposed a period of silence so that I could study for my up-coming exams and I was mad at myself for doing so. I woke up feeling angry. I remember spending a good number of minutes staring at my face in the bathroom wall as if just making sure that it was going to get a mind of it's own any moment now and start chanting,  "You're stupid! You're stupid! You know what...you're stupid!"

Things were pretty normal then till I got the Good Morning text from him. Lonely boy had woken up with a heavy heart, didn't know if that was because he won't be able to talk to me anymore or because he ran into his ex yesterday. I didn't have enough credit on me, so I waited till I get home. I wanted to call him up. I was even more mad at myself and the silence now. I just wanted to get home as soon as possible and talk to him. I was so furious that I rammed my poor car into a bus. 

The bus didn't take mean damage but my car got a huge dent on the front left side. Thankfully the bus driver didn't create a scene, he was an old man. So I was most definitely in the worst mood when I got home. I purchased some credit along the way and called him up. And then something really funny happened. He asked me, what's wrong?

I shifted into guilty mode instantly and asked him in return, what he meant by the question. He told me that whenever I call him up, I have some bad news. LOL!

Can't exactly blame him for that. The last time was to tell him that my mum had taken my cell and given me this crappy one, till she got a new one for herself. It was a 2003 model, so compared to what they have out right now, it was a complete relic. One should preserve and admire those cell phones and not give them to sons who ram cars into buses. What if they were to ram the cell into something like a person's eyes? 

Anyways, I clearly give myself a bad name. So I lied to him and said that everything's fine and I had just called to cheer him up. I intended on telling him about the small accident, but his remark had changed my mind. Then later in the evening, I told mum about the car and she exploded. And yes, in order that I learn my lesson, the repairs are coming out of my pocket. How original!

I shut myself up in my room and tried studying but I kept thinking about the accident and not telling him about it. I finally decided we could talk and let silence reign from tomorrow. Knowing that he will show up, I managed to get some studying done finally. Plus he clearly wanted to talk about his ex, this would give him a chance for that also.

We met our regular time and I told him about my crappy day. He's a very good listener, best of all he didn't loose his marbles when I told him about the accident. Thankfully, he didn't do a number on me either. He listened calmly and then explained that I shouldn't have hidden it from him. Boyfriends can be so right, it's exhilarating!

Then we talked about his meeting, it did shake him up at the moment but he was all fine now. And then we talked about his ex. Then he changed the direction of the conversation;

Him; I'll hav 2 leave in a few min...i ws thinkin, y does it hav 2 b so extreme? dat v dont chat at all? how bout u study whole day and at nyt v cn chat 4 1 hour

Him; I mean, as a bf, i shud hav a say ryt? n i dont think wat i am saying is impractical...rest ur wish

Me; A guy called Corve suggested tht on  my blog! N sure...im up for it! Bt u gotta be the adult n remind me tht an hour has passed!

So we're back on talking regularly and I'm so friggin happy. I so couldn't last through that stupid silence for a day, it's hard to think what two months would have done to me. He left because his family needed to go somewhere and we said our goodbyes. I went back to studying but I just couldn't stop laughing about the entire thing. I messaged him that in the Good Night text before going to sleep;

Me; Hahaha..v cudnt stand the silence fr a day! I hope thts a good sign abt us! Im gng to sleep nw! Take care! Sleep well! Shaba Khair, Allah Hafiz!!

He messaged back the same. A huge thanks to Corve for suggesting the same thing, To check out his awesome words of wisdom in the comments, click here.

I woke up around an hour ago and had to post before i left for college. I have an evening today and won't be home till 8pm or something. Plus since the car's at the workshop, I have to take bus. I'm officially depressed now again, Pakistanis need to be made aware of a deo-stick more than the condom!

Oh yeah, and I'm totally addicted to this track by Hellogoodbye. It speaks volumes to me. Do check it out!


M@rvin said...

LOL @ the deo stick on buses! I personally also disliked the paan stains, but one battle at a time, huh? :)

Sorry to hear about the accident though.

Phunk Factor said...

@ M@rvin

Paan stains aren't in ur face, man! The bus driver makes sure he doesn't miss a single pot hole or bump on the road for that matter and I simply hate having smelly people thrust upon me from all angles!

I'm not a snob, but I do mind body odor alot!

Johnny said...


Phunk Factor said...

@ Johnny

Thanks, man! Hugs to u too!

James said...

You have more drama and bad luck in a day than I do, lol. It's even worse when we don't have anything to do with it, isn't that so true?

Phunk Factor said...

@ James

Hahaha....I doubt anyone can top me in the drama department! Kidd'in!

Oh yessss....that's indeed the pits to be caught in the middle of something that you were in no way attached to! :(

Life sucks bad at times!


finally you get to speak what you wanted to~ thats a good thing...

and becareful while driving... hitting a bus? gosh !!!

Phunk Factor said...

@ L²

Yeah..I've been getting that alot! Thanks for dropping, buddy!

Mac Callister said...

be careful next time and so glad you and ur bf are staying great!

have a great week

Phunk Factor said...

@ Mac Callister

Yea...i plan to!! :)

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