Mar 26, 2010

Katherine Kisses A Girl

Now I don't know how many of you are following the current season of Desperate Housewives. Those of you who aren't aware, they are airing the sixth season. My feelings towards it are kind of meh, while the season did start with a power punch. But lately it seems to be loosing steam. Since Season 4, Dana Delany who plays the role of Katherine Mayfair, has earned a permanent spot on the cast. With the death of Nicole Sheridan's character; Edie, last season Dana was supposed to get the spot light treatment in the current one. But her storyline is anything but interesting in the recent episodes.

The producers have her going down Lesbian lanes with the the ex-stripper Robin Gallagher. While I do get that sometimes people attempt to try out the chemistry dynamics with members of the same-sex. Despite having absolutely no history of attractions towards members of the same sex. It is such a weak and frail storyline for someone who has the star-billing. I'm not surprised that Dana is quitting after this season. You can catch the start of this saga below;

A big fat Hallelujah to Felicity Huffman's strong story-line and amazing delivery, Eva Longoria Parker sassy acting, the very cute Mason Vale Cotton and the very handsome Beau Mirchoff that this season is still on my viewing list. Otherwise I would have given up hope on it a very long time ago.


Mike said...

I've become a fan over the past couple years. I love Gabrielle for being so sassy and self absorbed. Katherine bothers me and is almost unwatchable in my mind. I have a hard time with characters- I either like them, or strongly dislike her and deem her unwatchable. She was unwatchable in my mind. Now, well, she's not so bad with this lesbian love affair. I'd like to see the gay characters played out a little more, but I guess it is Desperate HOUSEWIVES for a reason. I had no clue Katherine was leaving, but this love affair is making her somewhat watchable.

Phunk Factor said...

@ Mike

Almost everyone I know, even those who don't watch Desperate Housewives, love Gabby! :p

And even though there was ALWAYS something disturbing about Katherine, but this is just way too different!

It's like the producers needed her to stretch the Mike-Susan-Katherine plot abit more! With that being over, they simply tossed her out of the spot light!

It's kinda sad!

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