Mar 14, 2010

Chasing Pavements

It's been weeks and there has been no contact at all. He came back from the wedding on 12th February, and since last Thursday it will be exactly a month since the period of silence. We could not manage to meet on 14th, he had to catch up on work. I did wonder how will it be possible on a Sunday, but didn't do any probing into the matter. So we didn't meet on V Day, but I did ring him up for a casual chat.

The call didn't last very long, hardly fifteen minutes at the most. I felt confused after putting the phone down. I kept wondering if I did something wrong. I remember him asking me if I would come to the airport when he lands, finding it a bit not possible to happen I told him not to. But he could meet me the same day or some time the day after. But this really isn't something that big to turn sour over. And I was kind of scared of meeting his family, which I had expressed freely. The age difference between us maybe of just two years, but I look considerably younger. This is not my opinion, but a general one. I wasn't allowed to attend clinics on my first day of third year, because the coordinator thought I was in first year and was bunking classes. Thank God my batch-mates convinced her, or she demanded seeing my result sheet before she would allow me.

Back to the pressing matters, so we didn't meet until a week later. The meeting was kind of rushed if I may add, we didn't take the time to walk around and just talk. He picked me up, we went to the restaurant, had food while we talked and he dropped me back where he picked me from. Talk about being uncomfortable like a cat at a dog show. When I called him up later that night, I asked him if there was something wrong. The reply wasn't really assuring, but he didn't go into details. He kept changing topics so I decided not to pick it up anymore. And that was the last call I made on my own.

I got busy in the coming weeks with my medical studies and my sister's arrival from the US of A didn't help the fact either. Except for occasional exchange of message, there wasn't any contact. And by now, this wasn't bothering me the least bit. He clearly has backed off so it's fruitless in pursuing him. I have got my hands full of matters that are in critical need of attention. If he calls me up or messages me on his own, maybe I'll think about it.

But for now c'est fini.

If you happen to be interested in the video of the song, you can check it out here.

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