Mar 30, 2010

Ricky Martin Is No Longer In!

When it comes to musicians who have crossed over from their native language; Latin, to mainstream English. There are only three major names that come to my mind. The style icon Jennifer Lopez, the extremely sexy Enrique Iglesias and the hunky daddy Ricky Martin.

Speaking of Ricky Martin, the 38 year old Latin-American pop artist from Puerto Rico just came out of the closet today, on 29th March 2010. I can't say that I'm shocked because there have been rumors circulating since 2000 about his sexuality. When asked if he was gay or not, 29 year old Martin remained silent. Almost ten years later, the man has decided it's time the world stops speculating and gets it's just desserts. The reason I am really shocked is because,  a man of his position and influence dared to take such a bold step.

Mar 27, 2010

World Wide Wanks

While I may be a new-born babe in the blogging world, having only recently become a part of the publishing side. I have been around for almost 2 and a half years in the Gay Circles of Social Networking.

Under the alias of Phunk Factor, I have maintained an Orkut profile since October 2007. I have encountered many people and some of them are now my very dear friends. You are probably aware of one of them, Crazy Sam. With this selected bunch who I have gotten close with are in knowledge of my identity. They know my name, where and what do I study, the city I live in, how do I look, my contact information; basically the 411 on me.

Even though most of them aren't in Pakistan, I have had the pleasure of talking to them over the phone and have cam sessions with them. Not the naughty kind, mind you. I have this crazy fear that somebody might record whatever I do and use it to blackmail me. Lol, I know that's really stupid of me!

Mar 26, 2010

Katherine Kisses A Girl

Now I don't know how many of you are following the current season of Desperate Housewives. Those of you who aren't aware, they are airing the sixth season. My feelings towards it are kind of meh, while the season did start with a power punch. But lately it seems to be loosing steam. Since Season 4, Dana Delany who plays the role of Katherine Mayfair, has earned a permanent spot on the cast. With the death of Nicole Sheridan's character; Edie, last season Dana was supposed to get the spot light treatment in the current one. But her storyline is anything but interesting in the recent episodes.

The producers have her going down Lesbian lanes with the the ex-stripper Robin Gallagher. While I do get that sometimes people attempt to try out the chemistry dynamics with members of the same-sex. Despite having absolutely no history of attractions towards members of the same sex. It is such a weak and frail storyline for someone who has the star-billing. I'm not surprised that Dana is quitting after this season. You can catch the start of this saga below;

Mar 23, 2010


I'm constantly surrounded by a multitude of people who happen to love me and care for me, some family and some friends. Occasionally there will also be a boyfriend. These people have always been there for me to help me, support me, knock sense into me and just simply give me the boost that makes me phunk. Some of them are aware of me being gay, some suspect and some are completely unaware. Time to time, I will be mentioning them. I don't want to just put the whole cast of Phunkrama in one post and over-whelm you guys.

It's not like they're alot. But each and everyone is a character in their own right and I cherish them all. As mentioned, I will be introducing them from time to time; in no specific order. They will be coming as the incidences that mark the importance of them in my life are turned into posts. Today I'm going to be telling about a very close dear-friend of mine, I'd like you to call him Ryan. Anyone who is as good-looking as him, just has to be named 'Ryan'.

Mar 20, 2010

The Young Stupid Me

I was talking to one of my friends and we were talking about our crushes of long gone days and some recent ones as well. The whole point of the conversation was that how often our crushes make us act really stupid, and how often we don't realize it when it's actually going on. We are too blinded by whoever, or in some cases whatever, we happen to be crushing upon. Yes, dear readers, I have friends who have crushes on cars, wallets, branded clothes and cell phones.

Anyhow so my friend mentioned about him slipping love notes into his crush's shoes. And flashback!!

Fourteen years old of naughty innocence, standing in the balcony, utterly bored of having nothing to do during the vast summer vacations. I wasn't allowed to go swimming because one of my mother's friends told her how people pee in pools and nobody really bothers about it. While I too was eager to leave the swimming classes, my passion for swimming had not waned. I was literally begging mum to convert our garden into a swimming pool.

Mar 16, 2010

Doesn't Strike a Bell

Lady GaGa premiered the much anticipated music video of her second single Telephone from her sophomore effort; The Fame Monster, last Friday. The video is nine minutes of pure craziness and mayhem, and most of it is of the good kind.

Mar 14, 2010

Chasing Pavements

It's been weeks and there has been no contact at all. He came back from the wedding on 12th February, and since last Thursday it will be exactly a month since the period of silence. We could not manage to meet on 14th, he had to catch up on work. I did wonder how will it be possible on a Sunday, but didn't do any probing into the matter. So we didn't meet on V Day, but I did ring him up for a casual chat.

The call didn't last very long, hardly fifteen minutes at the most. I felt confused after putting the phone down. I kept wondering if I did something wrong. I remember him asking me if I would come to the airport when he lands, finding it a bit not possible to happen I told him not to. But he could meet me the same day or some time the day after. But this really isn't something that big to turn sour over. And I was kind of scared of meeting his family, which I had expressed freely. The age difference between us maybe of just two years, but I look considerably younger. This is not my opinion, but a general one. I wasn't allowed to attend clinics on my first day of third year, because the coordinator thought I was in first year and was bunking classes. Thank God my batch-mates convinced her, or she demanded seeing my result sheet before she would allow me.

Mar 7, 2010

A Quick Look

After wondering alot about whether I should begin by publishing the two posts I have already put up at Crazy Sam's Bloginess or if should start with a completely new post at my own spot, I have decided to go for the latter.

You can check my 'Built To Break?' and 'Zipped Lips, Sunken Hearts', and if you have not read them before then you can do now. And I would be thankful if you drop a comment, even if it's a simple 'holla' to my boy, Sammy.

I will be posting my first official post very soon. Keep tuned for that. Peace out!

Mar 6, 2010

Phunk Your Heart Out!

Hello there!

Doing good? Yes! Great! On towards business...err, decide!

So I'm guessing some of you maybe aware of me. I blogged for a very small while at Crazy Sam's spot, till it shut down for unexplained reasons. Those of you who are not aware of Sam, though I severely doubt there is anyone out there like that, you can view it here. However it may still take something more to shut me up, but till then I'll be phunking around.
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